20 Golden Rookies Drafted into AKB48 group!

20 Golden Rookies Drafted into AKB48 group!


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The event that each team of 48 groups nominate rookie they want to get in their team, “AKB48 Group Draft Kaigi” held at Grand Prince Hotel Shin-Takanawa on November 10.

Golden rookie who was nominated from 5 teams!! Team KⅡ of SKE48 nominated 5 girls!!
Representative member of 10 teams of AKB48 Group and 29 candidates assembled at Grand Prince Hotel Shin-Takanawa famous for Japanese professional baseball’s draft meeting and held the draft meeting for the first time.

Before the nomination candidates separated into 4 group to perform “RIVER” and “Aitakatta” . It was the final appeal in front of team-captains so there was some candidates shed the tears of nerve.
After watching their developing but earnest performance, team-captains became irresolute and thought deeply who they choose at the last moment of start.
Finally, the draft of fate start. Ririka Suto from Tokyo got 3 nominations from Team KⅡand Team E of SKE48 and Team N of NMB48 at the 1st round. After the lottery, Sayaka Yamamoto, team-captain of Team N got the bargaining right.
At the 2nd round Saya Kawamoto from Hokkaido got 5 nominations and Haruka Shimazaki of Team B got the bargaining right. Captain Ayaka Umeda praised and said “Paruru have a good luck as ever!”
Team K of AKB48 nominated 2 elementary school students to get young and active members. Team KⅡ of SKE48 nominated 5 rookies to improve together with newcomers. Team N of NMB48 dared to nominate rookies which have different image from their own image of athlete team. Team H of HKT48 aimed the rookie from the beginning and got surely the bargaining right. Each team could nominate rookies fitting with their vision of future.
After all, the Draft meeting came to close with the performance of ”Koisuru Fortune Cookie” by nominated rookies and 48 Group members with smile and tears of joy.
Nominated rookies officially join the team after the negotiation with each team. They will announce on the official web site.

Member’s comment (after the draft meeting)

Minami Takahashi (Team A of AKB48/general director of the whole AKB48 group)
“After watching earnest performance of candidates, I’d like to nominate all the candidates. After all, I’m satisfied that each team could choice the best rookies. AKB48 is a group that is constantly evolving so I’d like to continue evolving with newcomers. Today was the first step of new evolution.”

Yuuka Nakanishi (Leader of Team S of SKE48/captain of SKE48)
“SKE48 is so unlucky… But after all, we could nominate best rookies and I hope this draft meeting will be a good stimulation for current members.”

Sayaka Yamamoto (captain of Team N of NMB48)
“I was very nervous when I nominated the same candidate with SKE48 but we are very lucky. I discussed with my teammates and I nominated Ririka Suto who has different image from our team. I don’t know what will happen with newcomers but I’m very excited.”

Rino Sashihara (Team H of HKT48/theater manager of HKT48 Theater )
“I was impressed that not only candidate but also candidate’s family rejoice and shed tears together. Discussing with teammates and we choose to nominate Mao Yamamoto from the beginning. She is from Fukuoka so I’d like to cheer up HKT48 and Hakata together.”

Deafted Candidates List

Team A (Captain Yui Yokohama): Rena Nishiyama, Kayoko Takita
Team K (Captain Yuko Oshima): Moe Goto, Hinana Shimoguchi
Team B (Captain: Ayaka Umeda): Aeri Yokoshima, Saya Kawamoto


Team S (Captain: Yuka Nakanishi): Chikako Matsumoto
Team K2 (Captain: Akane Takayanagi): Saki Goudo, Natsuki Takatsuka, Nene Suzuki, Yuki Arai, Serina Souda
Team E (Captain: Rena Matsui): Kumiko Koishi, Sana Takatera, Nao Fukushi

Team N (Captain: Sayaka Yamamoto): Ririka Sudo
Team M (Captain: Rena Shimada): Sara Takei
Team B2 (Captain: Emika Kamieda): Kanae Iso, Kokoro Naiki

Team H (Captain: Chihiro Anai): Mao Yamamoto


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