AKB48 announced 5 Dome Tour in 2013 Summer and Team Shuffle!

AKB48 announced 5 Dome Tour in 2013 Summer and Team Shuffle!

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On the final day of “AKB48 group Rinji Soukai (extraordinary general meeting) – Shiro Kuro Tsukeyoujanaika! -“, AKB48 announced that they will hold their first 5 major dome tour starting in July and ending in August. Furthermore, the general manager of AKB48 Theater, Togasaki Tomonobu, announced spring Team Shuffle 2013. (This time, he didn’t use a word “Sokaku”, he said it’s “the personnel changes for spring.”)

5 dome tour Schedule

Yahoo Auction Dome (Yahu-Oku dome – Fukuoka) – July 20th and 21st
Sapporo Dome – July 31st
Osaka Dome – August 7th and 8th
Nagoya Dome – August 16th and 17th
Tokyo Dome – August 22th to 25th

Team Shuffle 2013 Spring


Hirata Rina – Team K
Sasaki Yukari – Team A
Omori Miyu – Team B

Cancelled concurrency:

Kitahara Rie → only in AKB team K
Yokoyama Yui → only in AKB team A
Ishida Anna → only in SKE team KII
Kotani Riho → only in NMB team N

New Concurrency:

Oba Mina → both in AKB team B and SKE team KII
Ichikawa Miori → both in AKB team B and NMB team N
Furuhata Nao → both in SKE team E and AKB team K
Yagura Fuuko → both in NMB team M and AKB team A
Kodama Haruka → both in HKT team H and AKB team A

Miyazawa Sae → both in SNH and AKB team K
Suzuki Mariya → both in SNH and AKB team A
Takajo Aki → both in JKT and AKB team B

New HKT48 Theater Manager :

Sashihara Rino
(It will be a “double manager system”, as she will liven up HKT48 together with the current theater manager, Ozaki Atsushi.)

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