PHOTO REPORT | AFA ID 2013 is heated up! #01

PHOTO REPORT | AFA ID 2013 is heated up! #01

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AFA ID 2013 started at JAKARTA CONVENTION CENTER. This marks the second time that AFA takes place in Indonesia.
AFA is short for “Anime Festival Asia”, and it’s an Asia’s biggest anime and Japanese Pop Culture Event.
The event being held from September 6th to 8th, this year is expected to gather 30,000 people.

Now, we post the first report from this hottest venue! Let’s get started!


The venue has two floors : basement floor and ground floor. On the basement floor, there’re AFA café, food court, and wota booth. A lot of Japanese culture fans had gathered to each tenant. AFA café is a cafe of Japanese “maid cafe” style, Indonesian maids wait on customers there. Long lines formed in front of the cafe, but we tried entering there.




Every maid entertained us kindly on the table for a long while. The long line in front of the cafe had never been broken from open to close.

Then, JKT48 performed as one of the headline of AFA ID 1st day, they sung “Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Fortune Cookie in Love).”
Lots of press media crowded into the stage, and audiences there went crazy and had lots of fun.


There were also handshaking event with artists from Japan, May’n, Hirano Aya, and Aoi Eir.
At the beginning, May’n appeared to the handshaking booth. Just after her appearance, fans in the venue rushed to there.


Not only inside of the venue, but also outside, there were lots of wota gathered. Each of them enjoyed shooting their favorite cosplayers, talking each other, and card trading games. Everywhere in the venue heated up, and everyone enjoyed Japanese culture!


To be continued…

written by Koichi Nagai

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