Explore New Genres: 2017 Summer Must-Watch 5 Anime!

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Explore New Genres: 2017 Summer Must-Watch 5 Anime!

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It’s summer, and it is also the new season for animes! There are several brand new animes and ones with new continuous series that you should check out. Chosen from different genres, here are the recommendations!

Jigoku Shojo Yoi no Togi

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There was a rumor that those who have a strong hatred toward someone can access “Hell Correspondence” at 12 A.M. It is a website which you can ask the hell girl to make the person you hate to go to hell. The website was thought to be an urban legend, but it actually existed. The story is a horror mystery, and its fourth season will start from July 14th. In the new series, the past and the identity of Michiru, a mysterious girl who does not know who she is and why she is there will be revealed by Ai, the hell girl.
Hell Girl is a perfect fit to watch during this hot season to cool yourself down with horrific revenges and images.

Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi official site :

Clione no Akari

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The story is about three students: Minori, Takashi and Kyoko. Minori has been bullied for a long time, so on one afternoon, Takashi and Kyoko talk to her, hoping to see her smile. As a result, they became closer, but they weren’t able to make her smile, and she stops coming to school after getting sick. Two months have passed, and they receive an email which didn’t say who sent it and didn’t allow them to reply. The email just mentioned about a summer festival at the neighboring town.
It became a topic of conversation because the voice actor of Minori is Sayuri Matsumura from Nogizaka 46, and the story was chosen for Yahoo! JAPAN’s “Masterpieces from Internet! Tear Jerking Stories!” in 2007. The heartwarming story will surely leave something important to you.

Clione no Akari official site :

Koi to Uso

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Japanese government has taken means to stop decline of birth rates with “Yukari Method” which the government will decide who you will get married to according to genetic research when you turn 16. The main character, Yukari Nejima is a boy who is about to turn 16 but decides to confess to Misaki Takasaki, a girl in his class who he fell in love with, the night before his birthday. However, he receives a notice from the government that he was matched with Ririna Sanada, a girl from a different school. The highlight is whether Yukari chooses the red string of fate or science and the changing feelings of characters involved.

Koi to Uso official site :


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Aoha Suzukaze is a girl who started working at a game company, Eagle Jump, after graduating from high school. The company produced her childhood favorite game “Fairy’s Story”, and she became a part of the team to produce the third series of the game. The second season shows stories one year after the first season. She is about to meet her juniors and the story continues with new characters. This comedy anime illustrates everyday life but keep the audience interested with cute characters and funny stories. The second season will definitely keep us entertained with unique usual characters and new ones coming in.

NEW GAME!! official site :


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This series illustrate the world several months after the story of “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN”. Earth Federation felt threatened by the existence of “Psycho Frame”, so they asked the first lieutenant who belongs to Information Department to form a special force called “Mastema” and ordered him to go and research “AXIS” which is a steroid floating near the earth. In AXIS, the special force gets attacked by Gundams from a private army called “Barnum” although the area should be empty. The force faces a lot of difficulties and dangerous situations.
If you are a Gundam fan, you shouldn’t miss this! Even if you are not, it will still be interesting for you to watch, and this might be a trigger for you to immerse yourself into Gundam series.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Twilight Axis official site :

There are more animes that weren’t listed here that you should check out. With more than 60 new animes coming out, I hope you can find your favorite one!

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