Yuko Oshima Wants You (to Ride her Train)! New Visuals From her Upcoming Film “Romance”

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Yuko Oshima Wants You (to Ride her Train)! New Visuals From her Upcoming Film “Romance”

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Visuals for Yuko Oshima’s (ex-AKB48) upcoming film “Romance” (opens: August 29) have been released.


In the film, Oshima plays one of the train attendants who serve passengers food and drinks while they are traveling on the Odakyu Romance Car which runs between Shinjuku, Hakone, Kamakura, Enoshima, and several popular travel destinations in the Kanto area. What kind of chance encounters will Oshima find herself in as she wheels her cart down the aisles filled with people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Tokyo?

Here is the teaser trailer for “Romance”.

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[Update] A longer trailer for “Romance” was just added and more of the story is shown!

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The poster was photographed by Kotori Kawashima and gives off a bit of a retro feel. The Romance Car was once one of the fastest trains in the world, and the predecessor to the modern Shinkansen but is now kind of a throwback to a simpler slower time.


In case you want to see more of the train, here is a short film about the Romance Car provided by Odakyu showing all of the places just outside Tokyo that it goes to.

Odakyu Romance Car Official site:

Romance Official Movie site:

Yuko Oshima Official site:

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