Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 Snapshots: Part 1- Cheeky Parade, Afilia Saga, PASSPO☆, Rev. from DVL and More!

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Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 Snapshots: Part 1- Cheeky Parade, Afilia Saga, PASSPO☆, Rev. from DVL and More!

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Expanded to 3 days and double the performers of 2015, Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 was even more overwhelming than the year before. Here are just some of the groups we were fortunate enough to get our cameras in front of on the final day of the event.

Rev. from DVL – Ship Stage – 11:05am – 11:25am

Even without their “once in a thousand years idol” Kana Hashimoto, Fukuoka’s Rev. from DVL made their return to Tokyo Idol Festival with 2 days of energetic performances. It seemed like Yukina Hashimoto was aiming to be crowned the “one in a thousand years funny-faced idol” with all the expressions she was flashing to the fans at Ship Stage Sunday morning.

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

Rev. from DVL Official site:

PASSPO☆ – Ship Stage – 11:50am – 12:10pm

One of the hardest working groups of Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 (PASSPO☆ had 4 performances, Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ had 3 performances, plus collaboration lives and talk show appearances), the 7 bachelorettes of PASSPO☆ were not even close to being done with their weekend when they touched down at Ship Stage on Sunday!

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

PASSPO☆ Official site:

STARMARIE – Doll Factory – 12:50pm – 1:05pm

Dark fantasy unit STARMARIE seemed to have stepped out of a time machine with their new 19th century inspired outfits. How appropriate that they seemed to cast some dark shadows over the usually colorful Doll Factory.

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

STARMARIE Official site:

Niji no Conquistador – Doll Factory – 1:05pm – 1:20pm

Niji no Conquistador brightened up the stage as they wrapped up their weekend at Doll Factory, just one stage shy of performing on all 7 of the Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 stages. However, Nagi Nemoto did manage to go home with the SAKIDOL ACE SURVIVAL SEASON 5 prize, beating out some very formidable competition.

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

Niji no Conquistador Official site:

3min. – Doll Factory – 1:45pm – 2:00pm

3min. (san-mini) returned to Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 without Mayu Watanabe, Yoko Kita, and Hina Aizuki, who had all graduated earlier in the year, but were joined by Raimu Arisawa (ex-Student Teacher/ex-Namikibashi High School).

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

3min. Official site:

Afilia Saga – Smile Garden – 2:25pm – 2:40pm

Returning to Tokyo Idol Festival with 13 members following the graduations of Louise Sforzur, Raymee Heavenly, and Ayami Chercy Snow and addition of new members Yumi W. Klein, Kana R. Norwich, Kaori S. Godrand, the magical schoolgirl group cast a spell on Smile Garden with a concoction of enchanting songs and a bewitching performance. The real mystery may be how much longer Yukafin Doll will remain as she had announced her graduation the previous November.

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

Afilia Saga Official site:

Cheeky Parade – Smile Garden – 2:40pm – 2:55pm

The Greatest 9Nine’ were now a Magnificent Seven as they rumbled through Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 in a flash of loud pajamas following the hiatuses of Mariya Suzuki and Marin Yamamoto who left for Los Angeles following Japan Expo in Paris.

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

Cheeky Parade Official site:

Yurumerumo! – Sky Stage – 3:45pm – 4:00pm

Even though Yurumerumo! had been on the stage of Tokyo Idol Festival with only 4 members in 2015, this year is was more permanent as Mone and Chibo had graduated from the group on July 10th. Even wearing outfits what were effectively sauna suits when they ascended to the Sky Stage, they showed no ill effects from the heat.

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

Yurumerumo! Official site:

Maneki Kecha – Sky Stage – 4:00pm – 4:15pm

Having made their major label debut a few months earlier, Maneki Kecha took their first Tokyo Idol Festival by storm, riling up crowds wherever they went.