Shinoda Mariko Appeared on Peach runway at GirlsAward 2013 A/W

Shinoda Mariko Appeared on Peach runway at GirlsAward 2013 A/W

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Peach Aviation, the first LCC established in Japan, Limited has already announced a few days before that as a part of the promotion of the Peach brand, it would present a collaboration with Shinoda Mariko. Based at Kansai International Airport, Peach offers low fares and Japanese quality service for the Asian region.

As a part of the brand promotion ahead of the Osaka (Kansai) – Tokyo (Narita) route opening on Oct 27, Shinoda made an appearance on the Peach runway at “GirlsAward 2013 AUTUMN/WINTER”, Japan’s largest fashion and music event, held on September 28, where she conveyed Peach’s brand concept of “Cute & Cool” to a broad audience throughout Asia.


Shinoda appeared at the press conference took place before GirlsAward started, then she announced that she has taken the post of peach’s official CA. Commonly, “CA” is short for Cabin Attendant, it means “Flight Attendant” in Japan.
As it suggest, she will board the first flight on the 27th October and perform her duties such as serving drinks or in-flight announcement.
(* However, this time, CA is short for “Company Ambassador”, she does not perform security duties on board.)
Booking for the tickets of the flights Shinoda to boarding has already begun. According to the person in charge, there are just a little bit vacant seats.


Shinoda commented “With its cute and stylish image, Peach is a airline that I’ve always been very interested in. I hope lots of people to enjoy a trip with peach!.”
In addition, she added, “For this campaign, I designed this costume by myself. I arranged cute frills in the back, it’s an unique point for my costume.”

When a reporter asked “After graduating from AKB48, would you take a rest more than before?”, she responded “Yes, I can have a day off once in a week recently. Like I designed this costume, I want to challenge various things more.”

After the press conference, she also made an appearance on Peach runway. She made the maximum appeal of Peach’s brand concept of “Cute & Cool.”


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