Sparks of Madness and Delusion: Seiko Omori’s Cinematic MVs for “draw (A) drow” 

「美しい閃き」の世界を壊して、抱きしめてーー大森靖子「draw (A) drow」MVが公開
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Sparks of Madness and Delusion: Seiko Omori’s Cinematic MVs for “draw (A) drow” 

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The MV for Seiko Oomori’s new song “draw (A) drow” was released. The theme of it is “How much I love him, how badly I hate him, we will be definitely growing apart.” The leading actor of this video is Yuudai Chiba, who played one of the leads on the movie “Teiichi no kuni”. The music video has two versions; one is Seiko Oomori’s ver. and the other is Yuudai Chiba’s ver. Both movies were directed by Shuichi Banba, who is familiar as the director of several Shiina Ringo’s music videos in the past.

The lyric starts from the phrase “The world created by the beautiful spark lost the host and became empty. I was broken by peace, feminism, girlishness, collapse of the myth, justice, blood relative, normal, and phantasm, all of which are component of that world.” Here, I think, is the anger of Seiko Oomori.

In short, Seiko Oomori feels sorrow for The Death of the Author. The critique interprets the work ignoring the author’s intention. The work that was made by the beautiful spark of the author was separated from his or her hand, no sooner than he or she finished making the work. Seiko Oomori feels sad and angry about this selfish behavior of the critique like me.

“draw (A) drow”(Music Video/千葉雄大Ver.)

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In the music video, Yuudai Chiba just continues to walk in madness, which seems to express the anger of her. Just walking toward the camera, he unleashes his craziness as if cutting away at the flesh and bone of the viewer. On the other hand, Seiko Oomori totters between anger and hallucination. From this scene, I don’t know why, I smell the blood that has just been spilled.

In the last scene of the videos, they pass each other at the harbor. Again, arbitrarily interpreting this scene, I can say this means the affirmation of growing apart of the author and interpreter. Here, Seiko Oomori changed her anger to a more positive feeling.


Of course, these might be a delusion of the writer. However, this song has the power to make the listener think like this.

“draw (A) drow” is composed by TK (from Ling tosite sigure). The fusion of psychedelic melody and poetic lyrics creates a world which is full of “the beautiful spark”.



Track List


M1:draw (A) drow
M3:Silent Majority


1:draw (A) drow(Music Video/Seiko Oomori’s ver.)
2:draw (A) drow(Music Video/Yuudai Chiba’s ver.)
3:draw (A) drow(Music Video/Full ver.)
4:Watashimi(Music Video/selfie ver.)


draw (A) drow / Seiko Omori
draw (A) drow / Seiko Omori

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