Reni-chan of Momoclo told aspirations of the new adult!!

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Reni-chan of Momoclo told aspirations of the new adult!!


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Japanese popular news site “Natalie” reported Reni Takagi’s aspirations of the new adult as follows.

Reni Takagi, a member of Momoiro Clover Z attained womanhood on the Coming-of-Age Day, 13th January 2014.

Reni-chan is the oldest member of Momoclo, so she is the new adult for the first time in the group. On 13rd January 2014, she visited a shrine in Tokyo and prayed. After that she appeared on ustream broadcast of Momoclo in beautiful purple kimono, and fans celebrated this happy day. She talked the aspirations of the new adult with fans.

Reni-chan tells this year as 20 age is the preparation period for the start. Furthermore, she told she would want to visit places where she had ever been before, and want to see and experience various things. She tells she wants to be her natural self in any circumstance, to live without regard to profits, and to be very human with pure mind.

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Ustream Video by Reni Takagi on the Coming-of-Age Day:

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written by: nori.

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