LIVE REPORT : palet announces the release of their 2nd Major Single “Keep on Lovin’ You” in April!

LIVE REPORT : palet announces the release of their 2nd Major Single “Keep on Lovin’ You” in April!

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On January 18, palet held the live event titled “palet LIVE 2014 Takeda Saki / Fujimoto Yui Seitansai” at Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA. (Seitansai = Celebration of the Birthday)
It was their first one-man concert in 2014, and also the celebration event of Saki Takeda & Yui Fujimoto’s birthday. Tickets were sold out, the venue was filled to overflowing.

They kicked off the event vigorously with their major debut song “Believe in Yourself” known as the theme song of popular anime series “TORIKO.”


In the middle of the event, the birthday girl Saki Takeda challenged herself to singing to her own piano accompaniment. She said, “This is my second time to play the piano on stage, but I’ve not played while singing. So, it’s little difficult challenge for me, but I’ll do my best!”
On the stage, the guitarist and the percussionist from girls band “BAND-MAID” appeared to support Takeda’s piano. Then, palet showed off the unplugged version of “YUBIKIRI”. It marked their first-ever performance with full live music. The audience was wholly engrossed in listening to that.

img040118_palet_24 img040118_palet_13

Furthermore, they made lots of surprise and happy announce to fans.
One is their new single release. According to the announcement, they will be releasing their 2nd single “Keep on Lovin’ You” on April 23. Just after they made the announcement, they showed off the new song on the stage for the first time.


The brand new tune is a perfect cheer song for one’s new journey in spring. The producers of their 1st single “Believe in Yourself” provides the song again, so stay tuned!

In addition to that, they also announced their new challenge. To win the Top 5 in Oricon chart with the 2nd single, they will have various project such as holding events in local area, holding a event limited for female fans in JOL Harajuku, and holding specially planed events organized by each member.

They will also hold the one-man concert “palet LIVE 2014 Hiraguchi Miyuki Seitansai” at SHIBUYA Mt.RAINER HALL on February 9, they will show off the new costume for the 2nd single there. The birthday event for Riona Igusa is also planed to be held in March. The details will be updated on palet’s official website soon.

Furthermore, on June 8, they will hold the one-man concert at Shinjuku BLAZE in commemoration of 2nd anniversary since the group formation. Shinjuku BLAZE is a place of memories for palet where they unveiled their group formation for the first time, so fans congratulated wholeheartedly to hear the announcement.

In the encore stage, fans celebrated Takeda and Fujimoto’s birthday in surprise style, audience was colored in light blue and white with their light sticks! Then, members and fans sang “Happy Birthday to You” together, and cerebrated their birthday.

img040118_palet_29 img040118_palet_30


Takeda and Fujimoto replied with full delight:

“Last year became an amazing year for us. This year, I hope to see you guys more, so I’d like to hold our one-man concert also outside of Tokyo. I’ll keep trying my best.” – Yui Fukimoto

“I really appreciate for such a lot of support. I’ll keep trying hard aiming for higher things, to repay everyone’s obligation someday. So, please support us from now on.” – Saki Takeda

palet is a promising young group, active in the forefront of Japanese idol scene. So, keep your eyes on palet’s further activities this year!

Photo Report

palet New Single “Keep on Lovin’ You”
Release Date : April 23, 2014
Lyric : Hiromasa Ijichi / Music & Arrange : Kentaro Akutsu
1. Keep on Lovin’You  2. You are My Miracle  3. Keep on Lovin’You (off vocal ver)  4. You are My Miracle (off vocal ver)
<DVD> *Only come with Type-A
Keep on Lovin’ You (MV)  and more..

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