Natsume Mito’s Debut Music Video, “Maegami Kiri Sugita” Isn’t Just Crazy, It’s Kind of Insane

Natsume Mito’s Debut Music Video, “Maegami Kiri Sugita” Isn’t Just Crazy, It’s Kind of Insane

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The music video for “Maegami Kiri Sugita” (produced by Yasutaka Nakata of CAPSULE) is an animation video directed by Katsuyuki Iseda causing commotion with the plentiful phrases that surprised Natsume herself. The music video was picked up by the media and reached over 10,000 views in one day. Natsume Mito’s debut song will release on April 8th.

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Firstly, the work by Katsuyuki Iseda, who has a very unique style and is considered the “outsider artist of the anime world,” illustrates a girl in school uniform who we can’t really assume is Natsume. The video shows the girl cutting her bangs, just as the lyrics say, the footage suddenly becomes black and white, and a random crab-like character appears, making viewers think “is this the official video? Is it fan made?” and “When was this video made?” leaving them in horror and speculation. This video that stirs the imagination and insanity of viewers is probably the first of many to come.

natsume-mito-maegami-01 のコピーnatsume-mito-maegami-02 のコピー

The mastermind behind this work is Keita Kusaka, who has been gaining attention these past few years with “Shotengai Poster Exhibition.” As soon as the questionable video hit 5000 views, Natsume’s fans began to seek confirmation from her via Twitter. She replied, “I haven’t seen the video yet, but it is my song,” and the media began to pick up on it.

In fact, under the supervision of Mr. Kusaka, the video has been produced over 10 times, and a “MUSIC VIDEO EXHIBITION” campaign will begin towards the debut on April 8th.

Director Iseda’s animation is the prologue and part one of the series, and part 2 will be released in the beginning of March. Parts of the previous work is still in production. It’s no doubt that the collaboration of director Iseda and Mr. Kusaka, who was carefully selected by director Iseda himself, will be under constant watch as they are equally unique in their own ways.

Natsume’s cuteness and personality with her mixture of humor with the unique directors’ requests is sure to make this music video stand out. The photo used for Natsume’s debut single, which stirred up just as much commotion as the music video, was also under Mr. Kusaka’s supervision.

Currently, Village Vanguards around Japan are holding a “Natsume Pre-debut Campaign”, so don’t miss it too!

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