Natsume Mito is a Paper Doll in the Paper World MV for “I’ll do my best”!

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Natsume Mito is a Paper Doll in the Paper World MV for “I’ll do my best”!

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Natsume Mito steps into a 2-dimensional fantasy world in the MV for her new single “I’ll do my best” (release date: April 6)!

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The MV for “I’ll do my best”, which was directed by Kazuaki Seki (AKB48, Perfume, Team Syachihoko, etc.), puts Natsume into a colorful pop art world where she is a paper doll. Several different colored versions of her also make an appearance, showing the many sides to her quirky and cheerful personality that has made her a fashion icon. Seki also oversaw the art direction for the single. “I’ll do my best” was produced by Yasutaka Nakata from CAPSULE and the coupling song “Moshimo Cooking” is used in Marukome Corporation’s “MISO KAWAII” project.

“I’ll do my best” will be released in 2 types, a regular edition and a limited edition. The limited edition also includes a calendar and a poster and will come in a special 7-inch box. Natsume performed “I’ll do my best” for the first time at the “Kobe Collection” fashion show on March 12th. Also, her first one-man tour “Mito Natsume wa Omedetai” will start this May.

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I'll do my best / Natsume Mito

I'll do my best / Natsume Mito

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