New Year’s Day was “Checked”! Moso Calibration Tour Final Concert Live Report

妄想キャリブレーションのツアーファイナルをちぇっくしました! 2016年元日ライブレポート!
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New Year’s Day was “Checked”! Moso Calibration Tour Final Concert Live Report

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Moso Calibration’s nation-wide tour” Moso Calibration LIVE TOUR 2015/16 ~Hajimete NIPPON♡Chu You wo Check Shimashita!~” was held at ZEPP TOKYO on January 1st, 2016. Since it was a special New Year’s Day live, there were rumors that many tickets were still left unsold. However, as it turned out, countless Moso-zoku (fans of Moso Calibration) assembled in Odaiba in clear weather and the venue was filled with them.

Lights were turned down and at the same time a torii (a gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine) on the stage began to light up. A lion dance was performed as it celebrated the New Year. Also, the entrance music was arranged Japanese style. These made the audience feel as if they were in the MV of Genso Koi Hanabi(

The live kicked off with ”YOU wo Check Shimasu!” used as a subtitle of this tour. The opener was followed by Standard numbers in a concert like “Hajimetedayo Konna kimochini Sasetekuretanowa Koi” and ”Mahou no Juice ”. It did not take much time to be warmed by a shower of MIX and Wota-gei.


Introducing themselves and greeting to the audience, they revealed “Everybody singin’ Singin’ Melody” included in the 2nd album ”Moso Invitation” released on the same day. Handclaps at the beginning were used in a very impressive manner. Followed by the new track, “Nazenara Moso Shojo Desuno” and ”Genso Koi Hanabi” heated up the audience.

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