4 Songs Available in the Trailer Music Video for Momoiro Clover Z’s New Single “Seishunfu”!

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4 Songs Available in the Trailer Music Video for Momoiro Clover Z’s New Single “Seishunfu”!

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Momoiro Clover Z, a Japanese top idol group who collaborated with the American Rock Legend KISS at Tokyo Dome on March 3rd, has revealed trailer music video for the next single “Seishunfu“! In the video you can listen to all the 4 tracks of the new single, including “Link Link” and “Yuku Haru Kuru Haru” which are revealed for the first time here!

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Different from exciting collaboration with outstanding artists, a lot of artists who have been supported the group for many years participated in the 14th single.  A songwriter for  “Yuku Haru Kuru Haru” is Tadashi Tsukida, who wrote “Konouta” in their 1st album “Battle and Romance”, which got CD Shop Award 2012. This track is one of the most loved tracks among fans. Natsumi Tadano who writes the lyrics for “Link Link” provided a lot of lyrics of tracks to the group such as “Hai to Diamond”, “Chai Maxx”, “Kasou Dystopia”, “D’ no Junjo”, “GOUNN” and so on. Especially, this track is written as an answer song to the track “Seishunfu”.

Watch the video, and feel youth atmosphere of the tracks!

Participating artists:
lyrics by: Nagae Kuwahara
written by: Shihori
composed by: Keiichi Tomita

02.Hashire! –Z.ver.-
lyrics by: NOBE/Koji Morimoto
written by: Koji Oba/michitomo
composed by: michitomo

03.Yuku Haru Kuru Haru
lyrics by: Yoji Kubota
written by: Tadashi Tsukida
composed by: Kenji Kondo

04.Link Link
lyrics by: Natsumi Tadano
written by: Kota Ogawa
composed by: Mashin


Seishunfu / Momoiro Clover Z

Seishunfu / Momoiro Clover Z

Seishunfu / Momoiro Clover Z

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