Thank you and Good-bye : Haruna Kojima’s Graduation Performance at AKB48 Theater

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Thank you and Good-bye : Haruna Kojima’s Graduation Performance at AKB48 Theater

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On April 19, 2016, one of AKB48‘s legendary members, Haruna Kojima (aka Kojiharu) had her final stage performance at the AKB48 Theatre on her 29th birthday.


The graduation concert kicked off with the last single for her “Shoot Sign”. Former member of AKB48 Minami Takahashi appeared as a guest and joined Kojiharu and Minami Minegishi to perform “Junai no Crescendo” as their subunit “No Sleeves”.


Seven songs which Kojiharu was emotionally involved with followed. She performed “Skirt, Hirari” with younger generation members such as Mion Mukaichi and Yui Oguri, saying she wanted cute members for this song. The performance has shown Kojiharu’s various attraction, matured style for “Shinkirou” with Yui Yokohama, cute style for “Heart Gata Virus” with triple-Kojima (Kojima Haruna, Kojima Mako, Kojima Natsuki), and sexy style for “Dakishimeraretara” with Yuki Kashiwagi and Anna Iriyama.

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During the concert, she received a letter from Yasushi Akimoto and Minami Minegishi read out the letter, starting with “Dear Haruna Kojima, you are…” and Kojiharu couldn’t stop shedding tears even though she just read the intro of the letter.

akb-kojiharu-graduation-theatre-07 akb-kojiharu-graduation-theatre-08

Before the encore performance started, a video compiling Kojiharu’s history in AKB48 played. She stepped out onto the stage alone, and sang “Kizukarenaiyouni” which is her graduation song.


Even Kenkyuusei members from 16th generation gathered, all the current AKB48 members celebrated Kojijaru’s graduation with “Sakura no Hanabiratachi”.  Minami Takahashi joined and they performed the last song “Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?” .


The members who spent a long time with Kojiharu, such as Mayu Watanabe and Yuki Kashiwagi couldn’t stop showing emotions although they rarely do it. Everyone stepped up to Kojiharu in the end, and the concert ended with heartwarming atmosphere.

akb-kojiharu-graduation-theatre-18akb-kojiharu-graduation-theatre-16 akb-kojiharu-graduation-theatre-19

Here another legendary AKB48 member graduated. Thank you and good bye Kojiharu!

akb-kojiharu-graduation-theatre-05 akb-kojiharu-graduation-theatre-11 akb-kojiharu-graduation-theatre-12

Set List

00 Overture
01 Shoot Sign
02 Heart Ereki
03 Mokugekisha
04 Junai no Crescendo
05 Skirt, Hirari
06 Senaka kara Dakishimete
07 Koi no PLAN
08 Namida no Shonan
09 Shinkirou
10 Heart gata Virus
11 Dakishimeraretara
12 Heavy Rotation
13 Ponytail to Shush
14 Everyday, Kachuusha
15 Love Shugyou
16 Oogoe Diamond
17 Green Flash

18 Kizukarenai youni
19 Sakura no Hanabiratachi
20 Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?

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