Japari Park in Toyosu PIT! Kemono Friends Live Report

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Japari Park in Toyosu PIT! Kemono Friends Live Report

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Toyosu PIT became Japari Park for one day on September 16, 2017 for Kemono Friends LIVE, a live-action concert by the seiyuu of the popular media franchise!

Small-clawed Otter (Reina Kondo) appeared on the stage decorated with the Japari Bus and Lucky Beast set from the anime. She was joined by Margay (Mami Yamashita), who appeared in the middle of the audience, asking “What region did you come from?”, and “Who’s fan are you?”, to the Friends (Kemono Friends name for fans) as she made her way to the stage.

The duo revealed their intentions, saying things like:
“Do you want to meet an animal girl?”
“Do you want to hear ‘Welcome to Japari Park’?”
“Who wants to hear my solo?”
“I want to sing too…”

From there, the curtain was raised on the commemorative first Kemono Friends live with “Welcome to Japari Park”.


Serval (Yuka Ozaki), Fennec (Kana Motomiya), Raccoon(Saki Ono) as the unit “Dōbutsu Biscuits” and Penguin Idol Unit “PPP – Pepapu” members Royal Penguin (Mikoi Sasaki), Emperor Penguin(Ruka Nemoto), Gentoo Penguin (Kyoka Tamura), Rockhopper Penguin (Aina Aiba), Humboldt Penguin (Ikuko Chikuta) made their appearance on stage and the venue was wrapped in the soft glow of green penlights as they performed “Welcome to Japari Park”.

With the first song complete, Ozaki exclaimed, “I had been looking forward to this day!” Mentioning their new outfits and sharing their impressions of Animelo Summer Live (August 25-27) and Kemono Friends Stage Drama (June 2017), the two units continued on with 2 songs from that production “Do Re Mi no Uta” and “Japari Buns Rap”.

With shouts of “Peta-Hey! Peta-Hey!”, PPP heated up the mood with their uptempo “Do Re Mi no Uta”. As expected of Japari Park’s idol unit, it’s a song overflowing with the essence of idols.

This was followed by “Japari Buns Rap”, the hip-hop duet of Raccoon and Fennec.

During the hook of the song, Mammoth (Moeno Nito), Black Leopard (Azusa Inamura), Tanuki (Rihona Kato), and Sheep (Misaki Nishikawa) made their way onto the stage. With the appearance of the surprise guests, the venue was buzzing with excitement.

Nito, Inamura, Kato, and Nishikawa talked about the stage production along with Dōbutsu Biscuits. Nito commented how she felt happy that she could be a part of such a popular work when she heard that it would be adapted for the stage, with the others chiming in their impressions one by one. Shortly after, Greater Flamingo (Yulia Kohno) and PPP took the stage, delivering a lesson on ad libbing. As the members shared backstage stories, the venue was filled with the laughter of the Friends in the audience. The stage cast, Dōbutsu Biscuits, and PPP left the stage behind with the theme song of the stage play “Kemonomichi”.

With a spotlight shining on the Lucky Beast, the phrase “We are Lucky Beast”, was met by another voice, “Nice to meet you, I am Kaban”, which was followed by the appearance of Kaban (Aya Uchida), the main character of the Kemono Friends anime. She continued, “I also wanted to see everyone”, before singing her solo song “Kimi no Mama de”.


At the end of her song, Dōbutsu Biscuits rushed out to meet her, Serval (Ozaki) exclaiming, “Kaban-chaan!” In the anime, Kaban and Serval had traveled together, gaining mutual respect and becoming the best of partners. The appearance of the two on stage together linked together their connections as the anime characters.

Since the broadcast of the anime in January of 2017, the cast had been busy appearing as Dōbutsu Biscuits and PPP. Uchida had been active since the advanced screening of the first episode back in December of 2016. When it was announced that Uchida would be appearing at Kemono Friends LIVE, the news brought joy and excitement to many Friends. It was the first time in 9 months that Uchida had appeared before so many Friends.

During the MC, Uchida admitted that she had thought it to be embarrassing when it came to wearing the outfit of Kaban. Having participated as a game character at the outset of the “Kemono Friends Project” in 2014, Uchida expressed surprise that the franchise had grown to be so popular, hoping that it would continue to be loved by many people moving forward.

The second half of the live brought with it “Sky Dreamer” by PPP and Dōbutsu Biscuits’ “Hop Step Friends”. Accompanied by dancing soap bubbles, “Hop Step Friends” transported the audience into the world of Kemono Friends with its gentle atmosphere.

The main performance was brought to a close as Dōbutsu Biscuits and PPP joined together for “Kemono Parade”.

After a series of enthusiastic encore calls, Dōbutsu Biscuits and PPP returned to the stage. Just at that moment, the words “New Song” appeared on a screen. This news was was joined by the information that Masayoshi Oishi was responsible for the music and lyrics for it, throwing the venue into a state of excitement, as he was the person responsible for “Welcome to Japari Park”.

The encore began with the newly completed song “Fure! Fure! Best Friends”, a cheerful and bright cheer song with choreography similar to the moves of an ouendan and cheerleaders, fitting the personalities of Kemono Friends.

After the new song was over, Uchida, Kondo, Yamashita, and the others from the stage play returned to the stage, sharing their feelings about the live one by one. As Ozaki spoke about her experiences, Nemoto became overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. The teamwork of the cast was shown as they huddled around Nemoto for support. Uchida and Ozaki called out the name of the last song together and the entire cast brought down the curtain on the day with “Welcome to Japari Park”.


In addition to the appearance of the stage cast, the presence of Kaban (Uchida), the closeness of Uchida and Ozaki at the end of the live during “Welcome to Japari Park”, and even the inclusion of the phrase from the end of the anime, “the strength of flock”, it was truly a wonderful live.

With their 2nd single “Fure! Fure! Best Friends” being released in December of 2017, along with the character album “Japari Café2”, Osaka Kemono Friends LIVE!, and Stage Kemono Friends in January of 2018, the Kemono Friends Project is full of exciting things to look forward to. There’s nothing to think but to, “Come with us always and forever!”

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Set List

01 Welcome to Japari Park / Dōbutsu Biscuits × PPP
02 Do Re Mi no Uta / PPP
03 Japari Buns Rap / Raccoon・Fennec
04 Kemonomichi / Stage Drama Cast
05 Kimi no Mama de / Kaban
06 Sky Dreamer / PPP
07 Hop Step Friends / Dōbutsu Biscuits
08 Kemono Parade / Dōbutsu Biscuits + Kaban × PPP

E1 Fure! Fure! Best Friends / Dōbutsu Biscuits × PPP
E2 Welcome to Japari Park / All Cast

Kemono Friends LIVE
December 2, 2017 (Saturday)
Open – 1:30pm Start – 2:00pm
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:30pm
Mielparque Hall (Osaka)
Aya Uchida, Yuka Ozaki, Kana Motomiya, Saki Ono, Mikoi Sasaki, Ruka Nemoto, Kyoka Tamura, Aina Aiba, Ikuko Chikuta

Kemono Friends LIVE Information:

Kemono Friends Stage Drama
January 13, 2018 (Saturday) to January 21, 2018 (Sunday)
AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo (Tokyo)
Yuka Ozaki, Kana Motomiya, Saki Ono, Mikoi Sasaki, Ruka Nemoto, Kyoka Tamura, Aina Aiba, Ikuko Chikuta and more

Kemono Friends Stage Drama Information:

Buy Item

Fure! Fure! Best Friends / Dobutsu Biscuits X PPP
Fure! Fure! Best Friends / Dobutsu Biscuits X PPP
Fure! Fure! Best Friends / Dobutsu Biscuits X PPP
"Kemono Friends (Anime)" Character Song Album "Japari Cafe 2" / Kemono Friends

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