Kemono Friends: Which Friend Do You Like?

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Kemono Friends: Which Friend Do You Like?

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Kemono Friends is an anime which aired from January to March 2017 and despite getting off to a slow start, it gradually increased in popularity, leading to the announcement of a second season and a stage production starring the voice actresses, making it one of the hit anime series of the year!

When Kemono Friends first began its broadcast it was not esteemed highly because of its particularly loose feel but as it continued, it was that gentle worldview in contrast to a story that became increasingly dystopian that won it fans attracted to its depth. Additionally, the characters were full of individuality. Here is a selection of the main characters which I would like to introduce.


Serval – voice actress: Yuka Ozaki

Catch phrase – Suggo~i!
The first friend of the series that the viewers meet, Serval is a bright, cheerful, and kind serval cat that often says “Suggo~i!” upon first seeing anything that she takes an interest in.


Fennec – voice actress: Kana Motomiya

Catch phrase – Arai-san!
A quiet character, she is always there to support “Arai-san” the raccoon (araiguma).


Araiguma – voice actress: Saki Ono

A common raccoon (ariguma) nicknamed “Arai-san”, she often adds “-nanoda” to the end of her sentences when speaking. A careless and clumsy character, she will often hastily run off without carefully listening to people.


Kaban – voice actress: Aya Uchida

Catch phrase – Please don’t eat me!
A kind-hearted yet timid character. She solves many problems with her intelligence and powers of reasoning.


Below are the members of PPP – Pepapu (Penguins Performance Project), the idol unit that appears in the story.


Royal Penguin – voice actress: Mikoi Sasaki

Nickname – Princess
The main personality behind PPP, she is in charge of choreography and singing lessons for the other members. Of course, “Princess” was responsible for scouting the other 4 members and reviving the group in its 3rd generation.


Emperor Penguin – voice actress: Ruka Nemoto

Nickname – Koutei
The leader of PPP, despite putting on a bold front, she is prone to nervousness and pressure, having fainted on stage before.


Gentoo Penguin – voice actress Kyoka Tamura

Nickname – Gen
A slightly clumsy one-dimensional younger sister character. An orthodox idol who does everything with all her might.


Rockhopper Penguin – voice actress: Aina Aiba

Nickname – Iwabi
A reckless and strong-willed character.


Humboldt Penguin – voice actress: Ikuko Chikuta

Nickname – Hululu
A carefree character who is always a few steps behind everyone else. Her favorite food is Japariman (a food that appears in the story).


Meet the adorable characters of Kemono Friends!

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