Houkago Princess Make the Grade! Major Label Debut Announced at Nana Odagiri’s Birthday Concert!

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Houkago Princess Make the Grade! Major Label Debut Announced at Nana Odagiri’s Birthday Concert!

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School-themed idol group Houkago Princess announced that they will be making their major label debut with Universal Music Japan. The news came during “Odagiri Nana Seitan One-Man”, the birthday concert for leader Nana Odagiri at Shinjuku ReNY on February 18th.

In addition to celebrating the 25th birthday of their leader (Student Council President) and founding member, there were many happy announcements on that night. Nana Odagiri performed her solo song “Nanairo Photograph” for the first time during the “Nyan-core” (a combination of the word “encore” and her nickname “Nana-nyan”) as the venue was filled with the multi-colored glow of penlights.

Sixth-generation member Maika was appointed as the new sub-leader (Student Council Vice-President) and seventh-generation member Himari Shirosaki was promoted to a regular member of the group. Marina Nagasawa, who had previously been a fifth-generation trainee (cadet) before being dismissed in 2014, would return as an “apprentice” and be the founding member of Houpuri Youth, an “apprentice” group.

This was on top of the flowers and messages that Odagiri received from the fans and rendition of “Chou HAPPY BIRTHDAY” (Houkago Princess’ birthday song) by the other members.

The timing of the major label debut announcement on Nana Odagiri’s birthday could not have been more perfect as she had been supporting Houkago Princess diligently as its leader since their debut in 2011. Over the years, she has remained steadfast as the group endured highs and lows, the coming and going of members, working to make the group what it has become. This is only the beginning for Houkago Princess to keep an eye on them as they take another big step forward!

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