More Changes for GANG PARADE: Departure of Maaya Inukai, Debut of Maika Kyan

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More Changes for GANG PARADE: Departure of Maaya Inukai, Debut of Maika Kyan

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GANG PARADE began October with more changes as it was announced that Maaya Inukai, who had been on hiatus from the group since September 15th, would be withdrawing from the group.


The post on the official site on October 1st directed readers to her blog entry where she explained that even though her parents had been very supportive of her, after her father collapsed due to health issues, she found it difficult to keep going.

The following day, October 2nd saw the debut of new member Maika Kyan, who took the stage with GANG PARADE at Shin-Sakae DAYTRIVE for the Nagoya stop of their Barely Last TOUR, surprising fans (who are now called “asobi-nin” 遊び人) as she performed the entire set with the group. The announcement on the official site directed to her first interview with Ototoy, where she mentions that her father is a kenkyuuin (BiS fan), which was one of the factors in her auditioning for GANG PARADE (she previously auditioned for BiS and BiSH also).

[UPDATE] October 6, 2016

Just when it seems the changes were over, 3 additional new members were announced at 10:00pm on October 6, 2016 via a video posted to manager Junnosuke Watanabe’s Twitter.

The 3 new members Yuka Terashima (fka Yufu Terayama), Yui Ga Dokuson (fka Second Summer Uika), and Coco Partin Coco (fka Rio Michihayashi) were all finalists for the audition to reboot BiS and performed once as SiS, the short-lived “official rival of BiS”, on September 25th before being forced to suspend their activities on September 26th due to misconduct by the person in charge of the group. Their first performance as members of GANG PARADE will be during the finale of their Barely Last TOUR at Shinjuku BLAZE on November 13th. It has not been easy for the group originally known as Pla2me but, hopefully things will become more than just “pretty pretty good” from here on out?

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