E-girls Set Off a Disco Inferno in the MV for “Pink Champagne”!

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E-girls Set Off a Disco Inferno in the MV for “Pink Champagne”!

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E-girls pop bottles and dance all night long in the extravagant MV for “Pink Champagne” (release date: August 10)!

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Following up on the concept of “E.G. POP” in “E.G. summer RIDER” (release date: July 20), “Pink Champagne” takes the concept of “E.G. COOL” and turns the temperature down to freezing! Set in a flashy colorful nightclub and full of sparkling mirrors (and mirror balls), it’s an extreme reimagining of the excesses of the 1980s E-girls style!

“Pink Champagne” will be released in a CD/DVD version and a CD version. The DVD includes the full-length MV for “Pink Champagne”. The coupling songs for both versions are “Bad Girls”, “Cowgirl Rhapsody”, and “Dance Dance Dance” (PKCZR Remix). There is also a limited “one-coin” version which only has “Pink Champagne” on it and is only available on E-girls FAMILY OFFICIAL CD/DVD SHOP, LDH official mobile CD/DVD SHOP, mu-mo, or E-girls events.

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Pink Champagne / E-girls
Pink Champagne / E-girls

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