Revealed: First Official Photos of Nogizaka 46’s Rina Ikoma in New Movie “Corpse Party”

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Revealed: First Official Photos of Nogizaka 46’s Rina Ikoma in New Movie “Corpse Party”

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Corpse Party” is a popular horror series which encompasses video games, manga, anime, novels, and a drama CD, all of which have been high sellers. And now, it’s being made into a movie, featuring Rina Ikoma (as we’ve previously reported here:

Rina Ikoma will play the leading role of Naomi, while Ryosuke Ikeoka will play the role of Tetsushi, Naomi’s childhood friend. Naomi’s other friend and love rival Ayumi will be played by Nozomi Maeda. The movie will be directed by Masafumi Yamada, who is known for his horror movies.

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Some people have expressed doubts as to how well a horror game like Corpse Party will transfer to the big screen. Well, now we’ve got one of the first official pictures from the set! Do you think they’ve managed to capture the atmosphere of the games? We’re looking forward to some really grotesque and scary scenes!

Here’s a word from Rina Ikoma regarding the upcoming movie:
“I was very nervous the entire time, but I also learned so much from working as part of a team to create a film like this. I learned a great deal from the other members of the cast and the staff, as well. I know I have a lot more to learn about acting, but I truly believe I put my heart and soul into this work. I’m sure you’ll find it both scary and exciting!”


The movie opens on August 1 throughout Japan. Hopefully we’ll be getting a glimpse of a teaser clip for the movie soon!

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Translated by Evie Lund

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