Stand on Your Tiptoe! Color Pointe Released Their First Mini Album All Around the World! 

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Stand on Your Tiptoe! Color Pointe Released Their First Mini Album All Around the World! 

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The unlikely combination of classical ballet and electro-pop has come true! The new entertainment girls group, “Color Pointe” will be releasing their first, mini-album, “First Pointe” from August 1st 0:00 (JST) 2015, from TUNECORE JAPAN and iTunes Music Store, as advanced distribution from international music sites.

Since all of the members were young, they were all trained strictly with the classical ballet, and their video of their beautiful and perfect form online became discussion amongst the world of dancers. They have started to perform with their original songs since 2014, and because of their one-and-only combination of classical ballet and pop music, they have progressed with their unique character and now have finally made their first original work. Color Pointe puts a strong focus on expressing femininity using classic ballet techniques.

Color Pointe probably is the first group that sings and dances ballet using original songs. Since they have trained a long amount of time and created a unique collaboration of pop and ballet, many creators had high attention to them.

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The seven songs recorded in this album are full of variety. All of the songs are produced by Yusuke Asada who have also produced Chara and Kimaguren in the past. For the girls, he focused creating on high quality sound by involving famous experts of mastering and engineering.

With classical ballet and pop music, the fusion style of tradition and forefront, this will be globally unique attempt. With their new mini album and their full-body dance with their experienced ballet dances, they will be touring around Kanto regions and in Tokyo.

1. Doga Doga
2. Renai Reincarnation
3. P.S.
4. Raru Raru
5. Paddbre
6. Love Panic!
7. Magical Land

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