Cheeky Parade Celebrate 4th Anniversary With an Explosive Performance at Shinjuku BLAZE!

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Cheeky Parade Celebrate 4th Anniversary With an Explosive Performance at Shinjuku BLAZE!

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Cheeky Parade returned to Shinjuku BLAZE to celebrate their 4th anniversary with a live on February 20, 2016. Having filled the same venue in September of 2012 to win their hard-earned major label debut, Cheeky Parade showed off just how much they had grown since then with a performance that left no doubt that they are “The Greatest Nine9′”!


Yuriya Suzuki playfully scolded the fans to not try and stand out more than Cheeky Parade, a subtle reference to their early days when things were much wilder, as she ran through the announcements on the PA system before the show started.

The lights dimmed and a single drum beat rang out and Cheeky Parade’s intro music, “SINFONIA 〜Apocalypse of Monster〜” with its Wagneresque (“Ride of the Valkyries”) melody reverberated through Shinjuku BLAZE. Marching onto the stage, Hina Nagai, Marin Yamamoto, Mariya Suzuki, Seran Mizorogi, and Asami Watanabe popped and locked to a military beat as a robotic voice recited their names, joined moments later by Yuriya Suzuki, Rino Shimazaki, Momoka Kodakari, and Yuna Sekine. The music sped up, Cheeky Parade pumping their fists and clapping their hands against their forearms as the audience shook their penlights and called out their names.

Cheeky Parade lead off with their new single “SKY GATE”, the members taking their positions on the stage as lasers cut through the darkness. In the few short weeks since debuting the song, their performance of it had grown a lot more dynamic and focused.

Yuria called out to the audience enthusiastically as Cheeky Parade transitioned into “Kizuna PUNKY ROCK!!”. Asami and Seran jump kicked across the stage and the rest of the members pumped their fists and chanted to get things heated up even more. Gliding across the stage and chopping their arms in quick snappy movements, the fans mirrored the actions with their penlights.

Thrusting out hands in the rock pose, Cheeky Parade kept the accelerator floored with the upbeat and infectious “Colorful Starlight”. The fans bounced up and down as Cheeky Parade kicked up their feet like a chorus line and waved their arms like fan-wielding gogo dancers at Juliana’s during the extravagant “bubble era” of Japan’s early 1990’s.

The music kept going as Cheeky Parade danced through their self-introductions set to a hip-hop beat. Fans threw out kechas as the intro for “Mugendai Shojo ∀” began to play and joined their voices together to begin its unique MIX. Receiving the overwhelming release of power from the audience as they continued to call out and dance along with them, Cheeky Parade seemed to answer as their movements sharpened vocals grew stronger as the song progressed. The cute and girly “Kataomoi Factory” kept pulses racing as Cheeky Parade bounced around on the stage, shaking their hips and singing out “chu chu” (kiss kiss). Fans whooped when Mariya shouted out “Daisuki!”, right before she handed Seran an imaginary love letter that ended up tossed into the audience, much to her visible disappointment.

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