Stepping Inside a New Country! ℃-ute Meets Team ℃-ute at Hong Kong!

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Stepping Inside a New Country! ℃-ute Meets Team ℃-ute at Hong Kong!

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On May 21, ℃-ute held their concert at live house Music Zone@Emax in Hong-Kong. It was the first time for them to do a concert at Hong Kong, and this is their 4th concert abroad since the live at France in 2013, Peking in 2014, and Mexico in 2015.


610x_sub_image82518The members landed to Hong Kong with more than 200 fans waiting for them at the airport. At the night they arrived, they enjoyed the city of Hong Kong and watched the Symphony of Lights for the first time, and were touched by the million-dollar view.


At the live, 500 fans gathered and most of the audiences were female fans! Though ℃-ute is popular among women in Japan, it seems like they are receiving support from women in Hong Kong as well!

Leader Maimi Yajima went on stage saying, “We will enjoy the concert at Hong Kong!”, and as the rest of the members appeared on stage, their first song “Jinsei wa STEP” spinned off. Starting off with a jazzy tune with a mature atmosphere, the venue was filled with cheers when Airi started singing rythmically.


Towards the middle of the concert at the present lottery corner, the lucky fans received a T-shirt with the member’s message and illustration written on it, post cards, and other goods that fans would love to get! The members were surprised by the Hong Kong fan’s fluent Japanese, and it helped the members a lot because they were having difficulties in learning Cantonese.


After they ended their last song, ℃-ute were surprised by the unending ℃-ute call and performed their encore song “Naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?”. The venue was filled with a happy atmosphere, and the members expressed their gratitude by reading a letter to the audience in Cantonese.

In addition, ℃-ute held their second concert at Taipei and are in the middle of “℃-ute Concert Tour 2016Spring~℃ONCERTO~”. The final live of the tour will be held on June 20 at Nippon Budoukan. Can’t wait to see their performance!

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