The Performers are BiSH, BiSH, BiSH4, and BiSH406…What is the BiSH Festival?!

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The Performers are BiSH, BiSH, BiSH4, and BiSH406…What is the BiSH Festival?!

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BiSH released the final performer of the event “BiSH Festival” which will be held on September 9th at Shibuya WWW. The added performer is BiSH406. Who is BiSH406?

BiSH is the idol group which Jyunnosuke Watanabe, the ex-manager of BiS, lunched as new “BiS”. BiSH stands for Brand-new idol SHit and the self titled album was released on May 27th, 2015. It is composed of 4 members, Hug Mii, Sento Chihiro Chitti, Aina The End, and Momoko Gumi Company (From Left to Right on the tweet below).

Regarding to the festival, there certainly exist some relationship with BiS. They conducted two one-man live concerts titled “BiS4″and “BiS46″at Shibuya ClubAsia on May 26th, 2013. Yufu Terashima, who works as a solo idol now, graduated from the group as of “BiS4”. And also First Summer Uika, who currently belongs to BILLIE IDLE® and Saki Kamiya, who is the member of POP today, joined BiS since BiS46.

It is natural to think that BiSH4 and BiSH46 relate to BiS4 and BiS46. It still lies in the darkness what happens in BiSH festival. However, thinking that one member of BiSH, Yukako Love Deluxe has already been graduated, it is not strange that some member will graduate or join the group.

The tickets are already sold out but those who are lucky enough to have the ticket may witness history.

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