AKB48’s Tomu Muto, Yuka Tano, Juri Takahashi, and Ryoka Oshima to Sing Theme Song for Largest Winter Sports Sale in Japan!
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Summer may just be ending but, already big plans are being put in motion for winter! Tomu Muto (Team K), Yuka Tano (Team K), Juri Takahashi (Team 4), Ryoka Oshima (Team B) from AKB48 have been selected to sing the theme song for “Fuyu Supo!!”, the largest sales event of winter sporting goods in Japan! The title of the song is “Hajimari no Yuki”.

With over 340 brands and 1 million products, “Fuyu Supo!!” saw over 460, 000 customers for the 2014 campaign in 42 different locations. It should be a great opportunity for some of the rising next generation stars of AKB48 to make themselves more widely known, particularly when Tomu Muto hinted that they will be making appearances at some of the locations during the course of the campaign.

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