9nine Attracted Audience at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014!

9nine Attracted Audience at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014!

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Five member girls performance unit ‘9nine’, including actress Umika Kawashima, and Ayaka Nishiwaki, sister of A-chan from Perfume, took the stage at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL for the second year in a row. They attracted lots of rock music fans with their EDM-influenced 6 song set list in preparation for their upcoming Nippon Budokan solo concert on August 21th.

9nine shook the stage in the WING TENT area, performing “Re:” the theme song of the drama “Legal High”, and songs from their latest album “MAGI9 PLAYLAND” which got the 3rd-ranking with first appearance at Oricon daily ranking. Although fans wearing 9nine’s T-shirts were visible, it seemed that it was the first time to see 9nine for most of the audience. Despite this handicap, 9nine was able to elicit a warm reaction from the crowd by the end of their performance.

When Nishiwaki enthusiastically shouted her thoughts on the performance at Budokan in the beginning of the last song “With You/With Me”, the audience responded by pumping their fists. 9nine was high-spirited and did their best to bring the audience along, despite being the only idol group on the schedule that day and performing in scorching midday temperatures.

The tickets for upcoming live performance “9nine Dream In Budokan”(August 21th) are still on sale. 9nine is characterized by their outstanding singing & dancing abilities, which are skillfully coordinated with an amazing light show and visual effects. Let’s prepare for 9nine’s performance in Budokan by watching their latest live concert DVD&Blu-ray “be! be! be! -Kimi to Mukouhe-”!

DVD&Blu-ray “be! be! be! -Kimi to Mukouhe-”

9nine 2013 Live "be! be! be! - Kimi to Muko e -" / 9nine

9nine 2013 Live "be! be! be! - Kimi to Muko e -" / 9nine

First Concert at Nippon Budokan “9nine Dream Live in Budoukan”

August 21st 2014 (Thursday)
5:00pm Venue Opens
6:00pm Performance Begins

Nippon Budokan
2-3 Kitano-maru- koen, Chiyoda-ku

Presale tickets 6,300 yen(including tax)

◆Ticket Sales
July 18(Saturday)10am for general ticket sales
・SOGO TOKYO Online Ticketing

Ticket Sales Site (PIA)

Lawson Ticketing


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