Sadomasochistic Punk Rock Schoolgirls Zekkyou suru 60-do Reveal MV for “Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou”!

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Sadomasochistic Punk Rock Schoolgirls Zekkyou suru 60-do Reveal MV for “Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou”!

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Sadomasochistic punk rock duo Zekkyou suru 60-do (aka Screaming Sixties) have released the MV for “Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou” from their kaijo gentei (only sold at events) single “Utsusemi no Hana/Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou”!

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Compared to their usual black leather stage outfits, Kai and Montero are wearing school uniforms in the MV but don’t be fooled into thinking that they have gotten boring and normal! Kai is doodling in her notebook while her incompetent English teacher (isn’t knapsack spelled with a silent “k”?). Besides how often would one have to talk about always having a fundoshi (loincloth) in your bag? Kai used to live in America so she’s probably bored. While she is being scolded, a masked man in a fundoshi appears behind her teacher and that’s when things get back to normal (normal for Zekkyou suru 60-do, that is). After Montero uses a baseball bat to smack away wave after wave of wota-gei dancing masked men in fundoshi and they ricochet off of Kai who spins like she is inside of a pinball machine. With Montero being the sadist of the group and Kai being the masochist, it’s a perfect arrangement? If you are familiar with Sendai Kamotsu, the alter ego of Nightmare, the MV has a lot of the same weirdness and playfulness to it.

In case you haven’t gotten enough silly fundoshi antics, there is also this video by Kurarine Project, who was instrumental in the making of the MV for “Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou”.

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With only Twitter and their busy live schedule, which sometimes includes performing with 6% is Mine, (their producers) to connect them to the world, it’s understandable if you have never heard of Zekkyou suru 60-do before. They are notorious for their tokutenkai (fan meeting) events where almost anything goes as long as it involves the fans being tortured and humiliated. The MV for “Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou” was produced as part of a collaboration with Kusarine Project and Nejishiki. As “Utsusemi no Hana/Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou” went on sale August 1st, there is a chance that you might still be able to get your hands on it when you go see Zekkyou suru 60-do live but, expect there to be some kind of punishment for making them wait so long!

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