Yumemiru Adolescence Sparkles at “Kagayake! Yume Award 2014”! Major Debut in 2015!

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Yumemiru Adolescence Sparkles at “Kagayake! Yume Award 2014”! Major Debut in 2015!

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Yumemiru Adolescence closed out 2014 with “Kagayake! Yume Award 2014” at Tokyo International Forum Hall C on December 29, 2014.

In a setting far removed from the typical sweaty live house that many idols have performances in, Tokyo International Forum Hall C looked more like the kind of place where piano recitals or stage plays are held. As the lights dimmed and the sounds of Yumemiru Adolescence’s “OVERTURE” filled the concert hall, the members appeared one by one, performing a short dance solo as they were illuminated by the spotlights. From there, they launched right into “Stealth Bukai 25:00”, the lead track off their album “Dai-ichi Shi-shunki” and “Zettaiteki Sympathy” before greeting the sold-out audience gathered in Yurakucho. Having just celebrated a birthday on December 2nd, youngest member Kyoka made a mistake on her age during the self-introduction. As usual, Yuumi Shida was beside herself with excitement.

Yumemiru Adolescence moved to the middle stage for the classic from their early days “Hajimete no Kagayaki” and spun like ballerina figurines on a music box during “Hanamomo”. Heart shaped balloons floated down from the ceiling and bounced through the floor level seats. Things slowed down with the delicate piano ballad “Himitsu” and the guitar-driven “Heroine”.

When the stage lights came back on, Yuumi Shida appeared on the top level of the stage sitting at a table for two in a white dress to sing her solo song “You&Me” as the audience waved yellow penlights. The solo songs continued with Kyoka wearing cat ears and paws for “Kachi Neko to Onya-ki” accompanied by light blue penlights. Karin Ogino finished up the set with “Itsuka Ohime-sama ga” while singing behind a sheet of glass as the venue glowed red.

With all 5 members returning to the stage in white one-piece dresses, Yumemiru Adolescence jumped into their Oricon top 10 hits “Syoumei Teenager” and “Mawaru Sekai” but it was “Junjou Marionette” that drew the loudest response of the night from the audience until this point.


After changing into their outfits from “Syoumei Teenager”, they continued with “Namida ga Deru kurai Tsutaetai Omoi” and “Doko ni demo iru, Itatte Futsuu” before discussing their goals for 2015. Kyoka declared that she would graduate from middle school, which would seem like not much of a goal but the other members made fun of her lack of book smarts. Rei Kobayashi vowed to get a solo song, which was met with jokes about how it would be a rap song or something strange. Yuumi Shida proclaimed that she will “take the summit” but failed to come up with anything more specific when asked to explain more concretely. Akari Yamada expressed her wish to lose 3kg even if she didn’t watch what she ate, an unsurprising desire from an Osaka native, but easier said than done. Leader Karin Ogino made an appeal to the media attendees to do what they could to get her a solo radio show.

Yumemiru Adolescence began the final stretch of the concert by shooting down the audience during “Nakumushi Sniper”. Fan favorites ” Candy-chan” and “Himawari Heart” brought the main performance to a close. As soon as they had left the stage, an announcement of a Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka spring solo tour was shown on the screen but it was the second announcement of their major label debut with Sony Music Associated Records that drew a loud applause from the crowd. You can read more about that in our other article here.

The encore began with “17:30 no Anime” as copies of their new contract fluttered down from the rafters. Karin Ogino attempted to read the contract to the audience but got stuck on how to pronounce one of the characters. In the end, it seemed that no one in the group was able to read it! Brandishing their newly designed towels, Yumemiru Adolescence ended their final performance of 2014 with “JUMP!” 2014 was an amazing year for Yumemiru Adolescence but with the backing of a major label, 2015 looks to be even better! SanKyoka [a phrase often said by Kyoka which combines the Japanese pronunciation of “thank you” (sankyuu) and her name]!

Set List
02. Stealth Bukai 25:00
03. Zettaiteki Sympathy
04. Hajimete no Kagayaki
05. Hanamomo
06. Himitsu
07. Heroine
08. You&Me
09. Kachi Neko to Onyaki
10. Itsuka Ohime-sama ga
11. Syoumei Teenager
12. Mawaru Sekai
13. Junjou Marionette
14. Namida ga Deru kurai Tsutaetai Omoi
15. Doko ni demo iru, Itatte Futsuu
16. Nakimushi Sniper
17. Candy-chan
18. Himawari Heart

17:30 no Anime

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