Yumemiru Adolescence Ends their First Local Event in Great Success!

Yumemiru Adolescence Ends their First Local Event in Great Success!

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On November 16th and 17th, Yumemiru Adolescence held their first mini event in local area, Nagoya and Osaka. Since this will mark their first time to go on an expedition to certain areas except Tokyo, so it has become a hot topic among fans in Japan. Some fans were worried of that they might not gather enough audience, but that concern proved unfounded. Both in Nagoya and Osaka, lots of fans crowded to the venue, and greatly enjoyed YumeAdo’s first local performance. We headed to Umeda, Osaka, and took some nice pictures of them.

Before the openning, thier manager took a picture which is the Osaka’s audience and told their fans about how is excitement in SNS.
Then, Karin Ogino anounced, her voice make them much more eixcited.
And she said “let’s share a lots! just before our manager took the photo”.
It’s first time for her to contact fans in Osaka.

On time,The fans shouted each name of members as soon as Yumemiru Adolescence appeared.
It’s time to start!

Yumemiru Adolescence performed Junjou Marionette, 17:30 no Anime, etc…
they must have been tired because they had moved from so far.
But their performance was perfect. And so Kawaii!


The end of this event,they presented an original toothbrush to winner who won the game of “paper.stone and scissors”.

Especialy Akari Yamada who comes from Osaka seemed to enjoy because this is first time for her to play as Yumemiru Adolescence.
So a lots of fans joined photography event and handshake event after this successful event has finished.


Yumemiru Adolescense will be releasing their 2nd mini album “Junjou Marionette” on November 26th. The album will be released in different four editions : Limited Edition TypeA to C, and Regular Edition.
Furthermore, to commemorate the release, they will continue holding events in Tokyo area, they will hold events everyday from November 23rd to December 1st.

Check their brand new song “Junjou Marionette” below!

Yumemiru Adolescense officail website

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