Yumemiru Adolescence and 2 More Idols Appearing Anime Idol Asia 2014 in Thailand!

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Yumemiru Adolescence and 2 More Idols Appearing  Anime Idol Asia 2014 in Thailand!

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It is announced that 3 idol groups, Yumemiru Adolescense,, and KAMEN RIDER GIRLS, will perform at Anime Idol Asia 2014 which will be taken place in October 25th at Bangkok, Thailand!


Yumemiru Adolescence




This is the first time  Anime Idol Asia 2014 will be taken place, and it aims to introduce Anime and Idol culture in Thailand where Japanese culture is in high demand. The venue is Paragon Hall, the highest floor of Siam Paragon shopping center. The place is known as a trendsetting city in Thailand, so Japanese pop culture is expected to create more trend.

To introduce  three groups that will perform at the event, the most remarkable one will be Yumemiru Adolescense, as they have been to Thailand few months ago for Thailand Comi-con and got some attention. In addition, the member Yumi Shida is appearing on KAMEN RIDER GAIM as a heroine currently, and KAMEN RIDER series are quite popular in Thailand. That’s another reason this group is noticed.  She appealed her passion for the event and commented “I’m already so excited to see people in Thailand again! I love Thailand people! We’ll coming soon so please wait a little bit, please!”.

For, it is a first time for them to visit Thailand, and KAMEN RIDER GIRLS also went Bangkok for Comi-con once. Besides the live concerts by the idols, there will be more contents such as some collaboration with idols and fashion/ culture supported by companies. Let’s looking forward how the event is going to be!

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