Yumemiru Adolescence Reign Supreme in the Country of Dreams! Zepp Diver City Live Report!

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Yumemiru Adolescence Reign Supreme in the Country of Dreams! Zepp Diver City Live Report!

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Yumemiru Adolescence brought the heat of a tropical midsummer’s eve when they hit the stage of Zepp Diver City on June 17th for the finale of their “Yokoso! Yume (Tomo) no Kuni Tour 2016”! Despite adopting the motto “What’s wrong with just being cute?” (“kawaii dake ja dame nandesuka?”) and even having it on the special limited edition shirts for the event, it was quite possibly, the most electrifying performance in their 3-year history.

The air inside the venue felt heavy as the more than 2,200 “yume-tomo” (fans) made their way to their places on the floor. It was Yumemiru Adolescence’s biggest sold-out live, a feat made more impressive because it was held on a weeknight. Dance music thumped and lights flashed as the members took the stage, giving off the feel of a summer EDM festival. Starting off with their latest single “Oshiete Schrödinger”, they alternated between sexy serpentine arm movements and cute cat-like hand poses.

Lasers and fog shot out of the stage as the performance continued with the aggressive “Stealth Bukai 25:00”. The air grew hotter as the yume-tomo shook their lights and chanted along with an intensity not seen or heard before. Taking a break to greet the audience, the members introduced themselves with raps. Karin Ogino reminded the yume-tomo that “there’s no shame in the yume (tomo) country” and Yuumi Shida took things further by encouraging them to, “forget everything!”

The sharp guitar intro of “Bye Bye My Days” lit up the yume-tomo once again as they raised their voices in a MIX and other chants, while the members twirled gracefully on the stage, larger than life shadows being cast on the walls by the bright lights shining from the back of the stage. Maintaining the cool rock mood, up next was “Mawaru Sekai”, Kyoka leading the yume-tomo in clapping their hands to the beats, which was mixed in with precise furicopy, kechas, and deafening calls.

Kyoka was only getting started as she got the yume-tomo even more fired up as the live roared on with “17:30 no Anime”. Kicking up their feet and pumping their fists, Yumemiru Adolescence did their best to answer the intense waves of support coming from the audience. Karin and Akari Yamada remained on stage, exclaiming that the live was only 1/3rd of the way done, joking that they were already “grandmas” because they were the only 2 members of Yumemiru Adolescence in their 20’s. Announcing that the live was sold out, they went on to ask the yume-tomo to join them in asking any industry guests to give the group more jobs, more than 2,200 heads turning around and bowing together in solidarity.

The special guest for this live was none other than Hitomi Arai from TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE as she joined Yuumi to perform their special song “Shakunetsu Summer〜SUMMER KING × SUMMER QUEEN〜”. Standing powerfully at the top of the stage with their arms extended skyward, the duo swayed like palm trees on a sandy beach to the pulsating dance beats.

All of the members returned to the stage in bright red and white dresses with matching bows on their heads to perform “B-Day”, a girly, poppy ballad that would make any yume-tomo’s birthday the best one ever. Moving onto the “Happy Tune Re-mix”, the yume-tomo bounced along to the harder-edged beats of “Candy-chan” blasting from the speakers. Fueled by the sugar rush, Yumemiru Adolescence took aim with a laser-guided synthesizer-loaded version of “Nakimushi Sniper→” before launching into an extended dance routine set to big band music and closing out with an intense dance remix of “Junjou Marionette”. Even with the members having run offstage, the music kept going and they lead the yume-tomo in several rounds of call and response while they made another costume change.

Emerging at the top of the stage in sparkly pink outfits and tiaras atop their heads, the princesses of Yume (Tomo) country lead their loyal subjects in one of their favorite songs “Himawari Heart” which was followed up by the spacy synthpop of “Viva! Shangri-La”. Announcing that the end of the live was approaching, they launched into the dance rock of “Fantastic Parade”, bringing about the intensity of a tropical squall. Continuing the festive mood with the high-kicking “Kurachu Summer”, the lasers and fog returned for the final song of the set list “Mai Jene!”, the members of Yumemiru Adolescence joined by a group of back up dancers and an explosion of streamers before they left the stage.

After a few minutes of encore calls, Yumemiru Adolescence came jogging back onto the stage with their tour finale T-shirts pulled over their outfits to perform “Summer Nude・Adolescence”. Karin and Rei announced that their 5th major label single “Love for You” was written and produced by famous Japanese reggae artist MINMI and that they would be performing it for the first time. Akari informed the yume-tomo that the lyrics would be on the screen and advised them to get their towels out. With its samba rhythms and heavy bass, it’s bound to win Yumemiru Adolescence quite a few new fans from the party people crowd this summer. The towels kept swinging but the temperatures kept rising as the encore came to an end with “Hi! Summer Dreamer”.

A second encore call brought Yumemiru Adolescence running back on last time where they put an exclamation point on the evening with another performance of “Fantastic Parade”, this one even more fierce than the one before it, a second explosion of streamers bursting forth from the rafters. Taking their final bow, Yumemiru Adolescence returned the yume-tomo back into the real world until the next time they would meet. This was not just about Yumemiru Adolescence selling out one of Japan’s major music venues to close out an Osaka/Nagoya/Tokyo tour. What happened at Zepp Diver City on June 17, 2016 might have been the revealing of the true Yumemiru Adolescence to the world.

Photos by Nathan Gey

Set List

01 Oshiete Schrödinger
02 Stealth Bukai 25:00
03 Bye Bye My Days
04 Mawaru Sekai
05 17:30 no Anime
06 Shakunetsu Summer〜SUMMER KING × SUMMER QUEEN〜 (Shida Summer Arai Summer)
07 B-day
08 Candy-chan
09 Nakimushi Sniper→
10 Junjou Marionette
11 Himawari Heart
12 Viva! Shangri-La
13 Fantastic Parade
14 Kurachu Summer
15 Mai Jene

E1 Summer Nude・Adolescence
E2 Love for You
E3 Hi! Summer Dreamer

W1 Fantastic Parade

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