MV for Yufu Terashima’s 3rd Single, “Neko ni Naritai!” ( I Want to Be a Cat!) Revealed

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MV for Yufu Terashima’s 3rd Single, “Neko ni Naritai!” ( I Want to Be a Cat!) Revealed

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Former-BiS member Yufu Terashima, or Yuffie, revealed the music video to her 3rd single, “Neko ni Naritai!” (“I Want to Be a Cat!”). Yuki Kawahashi is the drector, and has also worked with other artists such as MOWMOW LULU GYABAN. This was his first time directing an idol MV.

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The video was shot on location at the Togoshi Ginza Shopping Arcade. In honor of the title, “Neko ni Naritai!”, yuru chara mascots Togoshi Gintaro, Mikke, and Nyanjiro were featured in the video, with robotic dog Spanky making a special appearance as well. The choreography, featuring Yuffie dancing merrily with “yuru chara”, was created by Natsumi Takenaka. Other highlights include wearing a cat ears and a cat tail skirt that swishes while she dances, with shots of her playing with cats at a cat café in between.

She had this to say about the release of the MV:

The MV to the 12/17 release of “Neko ni Naritai!” is out! The first thing worth checking out is the scenes with me at my very first cat café! I could really feel the independence of the cats, like when they would act all sweet around me when I had food, but then totally disappear after. Their sudden coldness made my heart skip… Just like lyrics “I want you to chase me more than I chase you”, I felt like the cats gave me a good hint about becoming a girl that plays hard to get. I’ll be sure to try it out with all of you fans at special meet-ups and events!

What can I say, the performing cat yuru kara mascots (well, one was a dog…) were all so cute! I felt really happy during the time we spent together, having fun during the shoot like good friends! A big thank you to Togoshi Genjiro-chan, who provided us with the location, Mikke-chan, who rushed all the way out here, Nyajiro, and Spanky, who maybe participated as a “Neko ni Naritai Inu”, or “Dog that Wants to Be a Cat”(?) !

With real cats, yuru chara mascot cats, and me impersonating a cat… this MV is all about cats, cats cats! To those of you who like cats, and even to those of you that don’t, please check it out! I’m also thankful that a TV tie-in for the song was decided! So I was also given the experience of narrating for an advertisement! Or rather, I feel like little by little, I’m slowly moving forward towards something great… so thank you! I want to keep doing my best so many more people will get to know me, so from here on out, thank you for your continued support meow♡”

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Translated by Jamie Koide


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