You’ll Melt More! Unlock Psychedelic Performance at Akasaka BLITZ!

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You’ll Melt More! Unlock Psychedelic Performance at Akasaka BLITZ!

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You’ll Melt More! turned on, tuned in, and rocked out at Akasaka BLITZ on July 23, 2017 for the finale of their 5-city tour in support of their mini-album “Disco Psychedelica” (release date: June 28)!

Rushing onto the stage to the rumbling bass and drums of “melted”, the members engaged the audience in a heated series of “Disco Psychedelica” call and responses, followed by an explosion of streamers from the ceiling. Bobbing along to the emotional rock of “Unmee”, You’ll Melt More! pulled the audience deeper into their brave new world before returning to more familiar territory as they chopped and kicked their way through “1!2! Kung Fu!”

Younapi cheerfully declared that the evening of their tour finale had begun and that the tour towels had completely sold out. Kechon encouraged the fans to dance more as Chiffon banged on a cowbell and exclaimed, “It’s like we’re idols!” as she looked out at all the fans wearing their tour merchandise. With the mood reaching fever pitch, the only cure for it was more cowbell as the members of You’ll Melt More! beat out a rhythm and swung their towels to “Yoi Yoi” and light reflected off of the mirror ball hanging from the ceiling.

Shifting into overdrive, You’ll Melt More! blasted their way through “KAWAII Hardcore Ginga” as the temperature continued to rise through “Pekepeke”, relapsing into another case of the fever which was broken by the steady cowbell strikes of “Asada” as the fans jumped and shouted along. Ano strapped on her Epiphone SG and attacked the strings for her solo.

Younapi and Chiffon drew attention to another of their new merchandise, a folding paper fan with a psychedelic print on it before returning to the music with “Waga Na to wa”. A group of backup dancers wearing masks with the You’ll Melt More! logo on them appeared behind them as the group waved their fans as if it was the bubble era of Japan’s economic heyday. A loud cheer burst forth as the etherial synthesizer intro for “OO (Love)” sliced through Akasaka BLITZ, the stage wrapped in a dim purple light as the members of You’ll Melt More! fanned the increasingly damp air.

Slicing and kicking like ninjas, You’ll Melt More! kept the pressure on as blood red shards of light ricocheted off of the mirror ball and the guitars crunched like broken glass underfoot during “Tabi no Shitaku”. The smoke of battle cleared, melting away into the densely layered cosmos of “Eien no my boy”, the whispering vocals of the members accompanied by a sudden rush of cold air sweeping through the venue. Continuing into “Ningen wa Sukoshi Fumajime”, a dreamy haze continued to hang heavy on the stage as You’ll Melt More! reached towards the heavens and spun around the stage slowly, Ano’s voice matching the crescendo of distorted guitars before collapsing on the stage.

The end of the long night drew near with “Night Hiking”, the energy of the audience bubbling up again, extending kechas towards the stage as Younapi and Chiffon delicately sang their opening lines of the song, dancing along as the tempo picked up and rising up like a wave for Ano’s solo lines.

Dipping into the saucy sound mixture of “Hamidasumo!”, You’ll Melt More! brought the heat once again, Ano scrubbing away at her guitar before rolling around on the stage. Chiffon tossed aside her veil, leading the audience in the “Hamidasumo!” and “Are you ready?” call and responses, receiving a thunderous reply of voices in return.

The sauce continued to flow as the performance simmered on with the skull-rattling bass of “Sukiyaki”, the vocals of the members floating lightly like wisps of steam rising from a hot pot. A wall of fans in sky blue shirts rose up as Ano ventured out into the audience, holding her up as she dove backwards and surfed on top of them on her way back to the stage, losing her trademark panda shoes in the process.

As Ano retrieved her shoes and recomposed herself after her short trip, Younapi attempted to speak Kansai dialect as she remarked how energetic everyone in the audience was despite the hectic pace of the performance. She introduced the following song “Detekoi!” by mentioning that Hiroyuki Hayashi (POLYSICS) had composed it for You’ll Melt More! and that there was a dance video for it, asking the fans to dance along with them. The result was the floor area of Akasaka BLITZ transformed into a mass of dancing, hopping, and swaying mass of bodies, the mood growing more intense as the sonic waves of “Furuete Yomigaere” filled the room and were subsequently smashed into small pieces under the pressure of “id Idol” and its barrage of hammering beats and growing intensity of the members of You’ll Melt More!.

The audience surged forward and the air grew moist with perspiration as You’ll Melt More! unleashed the opening screams of “Only You”, wrapping the venue up in a trancelike state. Younapi climbed to the top of a ladder in the middle of the stage, a legion of her fans rising up in their attempts to match her height as they cheered her on while Ano ventured back into the crowd. A second explosion of streamers, this time in the 4 colors of the members rained down gently as the performance accelerated into “Music 3,4-pun de Owacchimau yo ne” to end the main performance.

The encore call began right away but was interrupted by the familiar voice of comedian Ryota Yamasato (Nankai Candies), who announced that for You’ll Melt More!’s 5th anniversary year, the group would be releasing a new single on October 4th, and a full album on November 29th with a tour to follow, one including a performance in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, the home prefecture of Kechon. On top of that, the finale for the tour would take place at Zepp Tokyo on January 6, 2017, the group’s biggest venue yet.

Masks of the members from the cover art for “Disco Psychedelica” were circulated through the audience as the encore call started back up. You’ll Melt More! ran back out in their tour T-shirts, thanking the audience for calling them back to the stage and introduced the members of their backing band which included Daiki Matsumoto and Yuko (FLiP/LAZYgunsBRISKY) on guitar, Hayato Otake (ROCK’A’TRENCH), and Chiffon’s bass teacher shioRi (bass) before taking a commemorative picture with the fans in the background. Ano admitted that she had no idea what “disco psychedelica” meant but that she had fun. Younapi asked the fans if they had watched the dance video for “Moi Moi”, urging them to dance along with them as they began the encore. Chiffon climbed up to the highest riser on the stage and used a pair of oversized hands to lead them in the choreography. Several masked backup dancers appeared on the stage as the venue was swept up in the dance fever, clapping their hands and flashing peace signs.

Akasaka BLITZ erupted with an outpouring of energy as the encore roared on with “Nigero!!”, the floor shaking as the fans danced along and lifted themselves up in support of the members as they took their lines. Chiffon left the stage and ran through the crowd, popping up towards the back of the hall and standing on one of the railings.

Four giant red balloons along with a flurry of smaller ones floated down and were batted around as You’ll Melt More! concluded the evening with one of their beloved closing songs “Natsu on Blue”.

With all members reunited, they joined hands with the band and took their final bows before leaving the stage.

You’ll Melt More! has undergone several changes since they set foot on the stage at Akasaka BLITZ for their first solo concert more than 2 years prior and despite the departures of mone and chibo in 2016, they have continued to move forward in their own way since then. As one of the most unique groups in the Japanese idol scene and backed up by a diverse group of creators, their story is far from over.

Photo by Rakutaro Ogiwara  (荻原楽太郎)

Photo by Rakutaro Ogiwara (荻原楽太郎)

Photos by Mime Soga

and Rakutaro Ogiwara

Set List

01 melted
02 Unmee
03 1!2! Kung Fu!
04 Yoi Yoi
05 KAWAII Hardcore Ginga
06 Pekepeke
07 Asada 
08 Waga Na to wa
09 OO (Love)
10 Tabi no Shitaku
11 Eien no my boy
12 Ningen wa Sukoshi Fumajime
13 Night Hiking
14 Hamidasumo!
15 Sukiyaki
16 Detekoi!
17 Furuete Yomigaere
18 id Idol
19 Only You
20 Music 3,4-pun de Owacchimau yo ne

E1 Moi Moi
E2 Nigero!!
E3 Natsu on Blue

Band Members

Guitar: Yuko (FLiP/LAZYgunsBRISKY)
Guitar: Daiki Matsumoto
Bass: shioRi
Drums: Hayato Otake (ROCK’A’TRENCH)

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