Big Screen Panty Flashing at the “Yarukkya Knight” Live-Action Movie Premier!

Big Screen Panty Flashing at the “Yarukkya Knight” Live-Action Movie Premier!

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The curtain rose on the live-action adaptation of the 1980’s “ecchi” manga “Yarukkya Knight” on May 23rd, and with it so did the skirt of actress Niina Endo. During the “stage greeting” (butai aisatsu) at Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa, Endo’s fellow cast members Tomoya Nakamura and Reiya Masaki lifted up her skirt to expose her panties as Elisa Yanagi made shocked faces.

The main character, Gousuke Makoto (Tomoya Nakamura), is a perverted high school student that runs into trouble with the strict student council president Shizuka Misaki (non-no model Niina Endo) at his new school. As you can see in the trailer below, there is no shortage of skirts being flipped up and panties being exposed and that’s only 1 minute that you are seeing!

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“Yarukkya Knight” has been referred to as the “Legendary 1980’s King of Ero-Ero Manga” and so there must be a lot more ecchi stuff awaiting those who watch the film. In addition to playing in several theaters across Japan, it is being streamed on Nico Nico for a limited time.

The theme song for “Yarukkya Knight” is by Milky Bunny (aka Tsubasa Masuwaka) and is titled “effective!”. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any information regarding a release date for the song on her official site or Twitter feed.

Despite all the skirts being flipped up in the trailer, it should be interesting to see how “Yarukkya Knight” compares to similar Western comedies like “American Pie”, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, or “Superbad” for actual shock factor goes. However, it does seem like none of those movies have as much “panchira” as “Yarukkya Knight” does?

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