Akari Yamada Announces Withdrawal From Yumemiru Adolescence!

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Akari Yamada Announces Withdrawal From Yumemiru Adolescence!

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It was announced via the Yumemiru Adolescence official website on March 31, 2017 that Akari Yamada will leave the group due to contract violations.


Akari has been voluntarily refraining from group activities since January 7, 2017 after speculations of contract violation were made known. She reported, “I am truly sorry for causing trouble about the incident during the New Year’s season. After having several consultations with the staff, I have decided to graduate from Yumemiru Adolescence”.

She apologized for ending her activities in this way and concluded by stating, “The times I spent as a member of Yumemiru Adolescence was a treasure. Everything that happened around me was a significant and valuable experience. Thank you very much”.

Yumemiru Adolescence was active as a 5-member group with Karin Ogino (21), Yumi Shida (20), Rei Kobayashi (19), Kyouka (17) and Akari Yamada (20), but Rei has been on hiatus since October of 2016 due to treatment of her throat, so the group will continue as 3 members while awaiting her return.

Members will appear on LINE LIVE on March 31, 2017 at 9:00pm (JST), so check from the link below if you have a chance!


Yumemiru Adolescence’s final album as a 5-member group “5” was released on March 22, 2017 and is available in 2 limited edition CD/Blu-ray versions and 2 CD versions.

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5 / Yumemiru Adolescence
5 / Yumemiru Adolescence
5 / Yumemiru Adolescence
5 / Yumemiru Adolescence


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