You Won’t Be Able to Resist the Adorable MV for X21’s 6th Single “Magical☆Kiss”!

You Won’t Be Able to Resist the Adorable MV for X21’s 6th Single “Magical☆Kiss”!

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X21 have released the addictive MV for their 6th single “Magical☆Kiss” (release date: December 2), the theme song for the anime Jewelpet: Magical Change!

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After passing the challenge of selling more than 10,000 copies (12,557 copies) and ranking in the Oricon top 10 (5th) with their 5th single “YOU-kI no Parade” (release date: September 23) to avoid being placed on hiatus, X21 is stronger than ever! “Magical☆Kiss” was performed for the first time on November 3rd at the Fountain Square of Ikebukuro Sunshine City in front of an estimated 800 fans who had gathered with the MV released on YouTube a few hours later. As the title suggests, there is a lot of kissing going on. This might hold the record for most kisses in a MV for 2015?

“Magical☆Kiss” will be released in a CD/DVD version and a CD-only version. The DVD will include the full-length MV for “Magical☆Kiss” and a deleted scenes film from the set of the MV. There will be 1 coupling song on the CD/DVD version and 2 on the CD-only version but, the titles have yet to be announced.

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Magical Kiss / X21
Magical Kiss / X21

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