What a happy surprise it is! – For the first time, will give a concert at Nippon Budokan in MAY.

What a happy surprise it is! – For the first time, will give a concert at Nippon Budokan in MAY.

Sponsored Links is going to makes a single performance on May 6 at the Tokyo Nippon Budokan.

This is what was announced as a surprise in the Tokyo performances were conducted on January 5 of the “World Wide ☆ Dempa Tour 2014”.
The end of encore and they tried to greet their audience.
At that time, the notice video which “The decision – will perform in Budokan!” is suddenly played on the screen.

Who knows it?
They got too big big surprise.
So they can’t hide their shock ,some members sit down and some members cried.
But Furukawa Misuzu said “Because…Because I said I would like to perform in the Budokan this year so…Realy thanks to you! You always cheer us up a lot. Thank you so much!”.
And, Aizawa Risa declared “we will do succeed this tour! And we will try towards that day, so please keep supporting us! “.
Everybody praised them in cheers and applause.

Following yesterday’s event which Furukawa Misuzu showcased at solo song at opening night, Yumemi Nemu performed solo song “Anone … Jitsu ha Watashi, Yumemi Nemu nanda … ▽” (▽ is heart mark) .
The song which has been songwriting by Kiyoshi Ryujin is pop and cute!
Yumemi sang along with the dancers who dressed in uniforms of black hair bobbed. released new single “Sakura Apparation” on March 12. Single is a total of 9 items, limited edition A and B, each member edition, and normal edition.
The coupling of each member version, Solo songs each to be played at Zepp venue of this tour has been recorded.


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