Wasshoi Wonderland! FES☆TIVE Celebrate 4th Anniversary at TSUTAYA O-EAST!

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Wasshoi Wonderland! FES☆TIVE Celebrate 4th Anniversary at TSUTAYA O-EAST!

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FES☆TIVE commemorated their 4th anniversary with a pair of heated performances at TSUTAYA O-EAST titled “Wasshoi Wonderland 2 Days: ~Rappu~ (乱舞, May 17) and ~Kenran~ (絢爛, May 18)”!

In the year since their 3rd anniversary live, FES☆TIVE had undergone several changes and evolutions including member changes, overseas performances in Hong Kong and Indonesia, as well as being selected as one of the first wave of performers for Tokyo Idol Festival 2017. The venue was decorated with red and white bunting and paper lanterns, the stage flanked by 2 large torii gates, giving a strong image of a Japanese matsuri.


The addition of new members Piano Shiraishi and Saria Mano was introduced in a video similar to that of a folk tale, Hinari Aoba, Kotone Suzuki, Yuna Sakamoto, Reia Shiozaki, and Mitsuki Suzuki confronting a strange man who was tormenting a pair of turtles. The turtles transformed into Piano and Saria who presented FES☆TIVE with a box which magically changed them into their stage uniforms. Running out from between the torii as CO2 shot out from the sides, the members made their appearance on the stage to the cheers and applause of the fans. A web of lasers swept through the venue as FES☆TIVE bounced their way through “Magical Parade”. Running out onto the walkway at the front of the stage, they reached out to shake hands with a few lucky fans. Streamers burst out from the stage and fluttered down as the performance rolled along with “Natsuiro Torido Ribbon”, the members shuffling and kicking up their heels. They banged their imaginary drums and hopped around the stage energetically to “Don Doko Matsu-rhythm -Moriagare Taiko-chan-” while more blasts of CO2 continued to erupt. Yuna paid homage to the legendary Marilyn Monroe as she stood close to one of the cannons at the front of the stage, letting it blow up her skirt while smiling to the fans.

Greeting the fans, FES☆TIVE ran through their introductions, met with cheers and penlights shining in their colors. Reia called attention to their new outfits which were accented with pastel hues and the word “matsuri” (祭, festival) decorating their wristbands and hair accessories, urging the audience to stay to take photos with them after the concert. Picking up their feathered fans, FES☆TIVE turned back the clock to the bubble era with “Disco Retto Ukiyo no Yume” as lasers and lights glittered off of the mirror ball. Running back out onto the walkway to the jackhammering drums of “Manatsu no Yonetsu”, the members lead the fans in a singalong while waving their hands in the air. Up next was a dance interlude highlighted by the acrobatics of Mitsuki Suzuki and rapid pirouettes of Reia Shiozaki. The stage was engulfed in a thick mist of CO2 fog as FES☆TIVE twirled and waved farewell to the audience during “Homura no Shizure”. The excitement continued to build, the fans growing louder as they shouted and clapped along to the smoldering Neo-Japanese stylings of “Oedo Bakuretsu Hanabi-hime”.

Reia recalled that FES☆TIVE had already announced their new outfits the night before and wondered out loud that perhaps there was still more news to come. A video revealed that their 5th single (yet untitled) would be released on July 26th and that they would be having their first one-man live in Hong Kong on June 18th. However, this was followed by the bad news that the last stretch of the performance had arrived, drawing shouts of protest from the fans. After riling up the fans, FES☆TIVE punched their way through the aggressive dance rock of “Tora to Uma” as more pillars of CO2 and lasers zipped through the air.

Kicking up their heels and swinging their imaginary swords overhead to “Susume Jipang”, FES☆TIVE jumped in sync with the plumes of CO2. Soap bubbles danced, accompanied by the cascading pianos and crunching guitars of “FESTIBLUESKY” as the fans continued to call out loudly. Piano and Saria embraced each other and Kotone ran out down the walkway to thank the fans for coming out to see them, the others joining in as the music played out. Paper stars fluttered down from the rafters as FES☆TIVE brought the performance to a close with “Tokyo Dream Parade”. As some of the stars were autographed, the members did their best to scoop up the ones which landed on the stage and toss them towards the fans.

As Reia was beginning her closing remarks, she was interrupted by a group of fans who presented the members with flower bouquets and T-shirts with messages written on them in their representative colors. The moving gesture lead to a few tearful moments as the members gave short speeches on their impressions of the day, Piano breaking into tears as she shared her anxiety that FES☆TIVE would suffer as she felt her dance skills were not good enough. Hinari issued a bold declaration that she would devote herself to the group after admitting that being an idol while attending university and thinking about finding a job after graduation had been cause for much concern.

After taking a commemorative picture with the fans, FES☆TIVE thanked them again and left the stage after taking their bows and shouting “wasshoi!” a few times. The encore call began as the fans positioned themselves into sections. A few moments later, FES☆TIVE returned wearing the special S Ticket shirts designed by Hiyo, Reia explaining that the 4th anniversary shirts had sold out on the first night. The explosions of fireworks sounded out followed by a deafening MIX and series of calls as the encore began with “Shidare Yanagi”, CO2 erupting from the stage once more. Ending with “Magical Parade”, which had also been the first song of the evening, FES☆TIVE brought down the curtain on their 2-day 4th anniversary celebration, throwing out signed balls to the fans who created an 8-color rainbow with their cyalumes. Running out of balls to throw, the members even tossed the plastic bags into the crowd. Thanking the fans and taking their final bow and “wasshoi!”, FES☆TIVE took their first steps into their 5th year.

Set List

01 Magical Parade
02 Natsuiro Torido Ribbon
03 Don Doko Matsu-rhythm -Moriagare Taiko-chan-
04 Disco Retto Ukiyo no Yume
05 Manatsu no Yonetsu
06 Homura no Shizuku
07 Oedo Bakuretsu Hanabi-hime
08 Tora to Uma
09 Susume Jipang
11 Tokyo Dream Parade

E1 Shidare Yanagi
E2 Magical Parade

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New Single: Title is to be announced / FES TIVE
New Single: Title is to be announced / FES TIVE
New Single: Title is to be announced / FES TIVE

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