10 Recommendations: Unique Sweets for Valentine’s Day!

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10 Recommendations: Unique Sweets for Valentine’s Day!

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If you are tired of making cookies and candies for Valentine’s day every year, why don’t you buy something this year? But giving normal gift is dull, so here are some of the recommendations to make your Valentine’s day memorable and fun!


Nebula Candy

These candies are produced by Vintage Confections which was established in 2008 in Ohio. The candy is made by hands, using a traditional method. A mother of four children, Heather Kelly thought of making galaxy-themed candies because her 15-year-old son loved galaxy. These candies can be a gift not only for Valentine’s day but also for other occasions such as Halloween!


Choc Coated Scorpions

If you are too afraid to eat scorpions as they are, try them with chocolate! The texture is crispy, so it does not feel like you are eating a scorpion. You can surprise your friend with this chocolate!


Jurassic Chocolat Dig Up

The process of getting the chocolate is fun! Hammer, tongs, shovel and brush are all included (not edible) to make the kit very realistic. It is recommended to put the fossil into hot milk to have it as hot chocolate!


Grilled Fish Chocolate

The producer, Kiyohito Ootake’s concept is “Pursuing a fake that is extremely close to the real one.” He did a great job in achieving that concept. It’s hard to imagine that there is chocolate inside the fish.


Chocolate Natto

Natto (fermented soybeans) are not the most popular food among foreigners visiting Japan, but what if its smell and sliminess are gone? Thanks to the chocolate coating, it becomes much easier to try natto. This could be your first step towards eating the normal natto!


Sushi Chocolate

It looks just like sushi, but too bad this is not. Even the package is like the real one, so you might be fooled if you don’t look closely!


Big Buddha Chocolate

What a divine chocolate! The golden one is milk chocolate with a slight of plum liquor, and silver one is a mix of white and dark chocolate with matcha inside. For this one, you can judge by appearances because the taste is also magnificent!

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Rouge à Lèvres en Chocolat à Maquiller

It feels like it is such a waste to eat these cute cosmetics. This maybe the best gift for your female friends because in Japan, we have this Tomo Choco (friend chocolate) culture which you give out chocolate to your close friends just to have fun on Valentine’s day! Don’t forget to take photos!


Tsundere Chocolate

This chocolate is so Japan-like. Tsundere is the attitude which is often seen in mangas and animes. At first, the character is aggressive, but due to an event, the character shows true feeling and becomes very nice to a certain person under a certain condition. Inside, there are spicy rice crackers and heart-shaped chocolate, indicating the tsundere personality.

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