Tokyo Girls’ Update Exclusive Interview with UNDER FACE/Den-on-Bu!

Tokyo Girls’ Update Exclusive Interview with UNDER FACE/Den-on-Bu!

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UNDER FACE/Den-on-Bu (Electro-Audio-Club) is a sub-unit of a Japanese pop idol group “SMILE GAKUEN.” Featuring three singers, NANAKO, HONOKA and ICHIGO. Finally, they released the 3rd single! It has been 9 months since their first live performance in March, 2013.

UNDERFACE, who has lots of overseas fans because of their conceptual music and costume, came to Tokyo Girls’ Update Editorial Division! We had the exclusive long interview with them. Let’s get started!

—- At first, please introduce yourself to overseas fans.

Honoka : I’m Honoka Nagashima from Den-on-bu UNDERFACE. I’m twelve years old, first grade in junior high school.

Ichigo : I’m Ichigo Okazaki. I’m eleven years old, sixth grade in elementally school.

Nacchan : I’m Nanako Taya. I’m twelve years old, first grade in junior high school.


—- Den-on-bu has lots of fans in overseas. We’ve heard that a fan in Germany drew a parody cartoon through facebook. How you do you feel about it? 

Ichigo : My father translated that using internet for me, it was so fun!

Parody Comics from Germany

Parody Comics from Germany

—- We’ve also heard that overseas fans sometimes send you accessaries.

Honoka : Yes. We have received gifts several times. Moreover, overseas fans also send messages through facebook and twitter. It makes me try even harder!


—- What do you think about that there are many foreigner fans of UNDERFACE?

Ichigo : I want them to become friends of mine!

Honoka : It’s a strange feeling. I wonder why they love us though I can’t speak their language.


—- Are there any overseas fans who came to see you?

Nacchan : I remember that French fan came to see us once!

Ichigo : Oh, I remember, too! He came to Japan during his summer vacation. But, we couldn’t understand his language well.

Nacchan : He talked to us in English though he is French!

Honoka : Japanese fans of Smile Gakuen kindly interpreted with a united effort lol


—- How kind fans you have! If you got a chance to hold a live event in overseas in the future, where would you like to go?

Nacchan : I want to go to Paris!

Ichigo : I want to visit to India! I want to hold a live performance on the sand of India! I also want to hold that on the sea of Hawaii! Anyway, I want to gather popularity, holding a live event at unexpected location!

Honoka : I would like to do in Brazil! There are many fans of us!

Nacchan : I want to do that under  the Eiffel Tower in Paris! It may be the first attempt in the world!

—- Do you have some future goal as UNDERFACE?

Honoka : I hope not only Japanese fans but also overseas fans come to know about us. Then, I hope more people listen UNDERFACE’s music.

Ichigo : I thought that I should become famous in Japan. However, while talking now, I changed my mind that I’d like to spread UNDERFACE also in Germany, France, and Australia!

Artwork of "WALL BREAKER"

Artwork of “WALL BREAKER”

—- Please tell me about the new song. What’s the charm of that?

Honoka: WALLBREAKER is cheerful and positive compare to our other songs. Lyrics is cheerful and the message I like is “if you spend a hard days, try to be positive.” ARM-san, the famous composer on nico video made this song. It should be great.

Nacchan: WALLBREAKER is different from our other songs, because we have emotional chip which give us emotion, we can smile during the dance and be excite with the audience with this song!

Ichigo: When I heard WALLBREAKER first, it is like the song for OP / ED theme song of animation. Then I catch the message of this song, it is little bit cruel. At last the song has the message “Let’s break the WALL in front of you” is great.


—- The new song has a message that cheer up you and try to be positive, do you have any hardest things in your life as performer?

Ichigo: To be frank with you, before the live performance, like first live on March and second one in August, we practiced over four hours from 5 to 9 PM in about two months, it was really hard thing for me.

Nacchan: The costume is messy with a lot of parts. We must care about not to break them. It is hard thing.

Honoka: Sometime, the parts of the costume are hooked and broken. At least one parts is lost in one live.

Honoka: When we perform without emotional chip, one of the audience tried to make me laugh with his funny face, that was hard thing for me. lol

—- Please give us the conclusion message.

Ichigo: I want to have live performance in the crazy place, like on the sand of desert in india, on the sea in Hawaii, please support us till make that true.

Honoka: Japanese fans have supported us, but I want more international fans to support us in order to make us more popular. If we go abroad, please cheer us and I want them to come Japan to meet us!

Nacchan: My goal is to have live under the Eiffel Tower. To People in Paris, please support us!



UNDER FACE/Den-on-Bu(Electro-Audio-Club) is a sub-unit of a Japanese pop idol group “SMILE GAKUEN.” Featuring three singers, NANAKO, HONOKA and ICHIGO, UNDER FACE is a chaotic mix of styles, Gothic Lolita/Steam Punk/Cyber/Electro/Sci-Fi all in one. DJ Electking, the man who deejays on Namie Amuro’s music videos, joins their stage performances with his futuristic multi-task DJ interface, EMULATOR. Featured composer is ARM from IOSYS, the unit of musicians that boasts amazing 5 million+ views with THE IDOLM@STER, RINGO- KARENA and CIRNO’S PERFECT MATH CLASS. Also on the crew are NUMAN, aunit of composers sought after both in Japan and France, and OSAMU “SHU” IMAMOTO who mixes for MONDO GROSSO and TOWA TEI. Together they helped UNDER FACE groove!

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