Monthly Give Away: Easy to Use and Kind to Skin Hair Removal Wax “Turuline” to 5 Lucky Readers!

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Monthly Give Away: Easy to Use and Kind to Skin Hair Removal Wax “Turuline” to 5 Lucky Readers!

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Spring finally comes! The season of lighter clothing! Then, summer we crave will come soon! However, this also presents a situation because now we have to think about unwanted body hair! Japanese girls really hate it. Not only armpit hair, but also having hair on your arms and legs is not “kawaii” for Japanese girls!

Before the summer comes, the renewal event of “Turuline”, hair removal wax, was held on April 20th, welcoming Akemi Darenogare as the spokesmodel, who is popular among the young Japanese girls.


These days, hair removal wax has been becoming famous among Japanese girls, but in fact the girls still have a negative image to it such as “painful” or “scary”. Howeevr, “Turuline” is easy to use as it’s tube type, having moderate adhesive force, and kind to the skin as it includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, and so on. Therefore it could be used in female genial area with no worries.

By using “Turuline”, Akemi talked that her manager was surprised with the result. She added that it saves time and money to make a reservation and go to hair removal salons. She recommended using of “Turuline” because girls love things can be done easily and immediately!


Also, she confessed her failure story in the past. In her younger days, with touching her arm, her ex-boyfriend said “Your stubble hair on your arm is awful…” and she got shocked by his word. She wasn’t doing any hair removal treatment at that time and said she wished if she could have met “Turuline” then.

After that, Akemi demonstrated how to use “Turuline” by using a model’s arm. The experienced person was surprised with its’ easiness and moist feelings even after peeling, saying that it was the first experience of using hair removal wax but it did not hurt at all.

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For this time, we will giveaway “Turiline” for five lucky users! As Akemi said, the matter of unwanted hair is pretty important for girls. It might be the unique culture happening only in Japan but “Turuline” can also be used in female genial area. We highly recommend you to apply and try it! In addition, “Turuline” is not just for girls probably! Boys having problem with hairy chest like the guy from the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin” might be able to use it for more sexiness?!


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