Special Invitation Message to “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” from Anna Tsuchiya!

Special Invitation Message to “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” from Anna Tsuchiya!

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Hello, everyone!
Today, we disclose a special message video from Anna Tsuchiya!
Check it out below!!

Anna Tuchiya is a charismatic singer, actress, and semi-retired model. Her multi-talented presence is unrivaled.
In July 2006, she made her first overseas appearance at the Japan Expo in Paris, France.
And this time, she’ll be in France again! Tsuchiya will perform at the Japanese pop culture event titled “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” which will took place from September 20th to September 22nd at Parc Floral De Paris, France. Tuchiya’s live stage is scheduled on September 22nd.

Tsuchiya scored her first Top Ten hit with her third single, “Rose,” the opening theme song to the anime television series Nana, in 2006. The song may be known well in overseas, especially in France.
In addition, she has gathered lots of attention with her acting in movies. “Kamikaze Girls” was released and well received in France and other European countries, while “Sakuran” enjoyed excellent reviews at various film festivals.

Now, it will be a precious chance to see her performance in Europe. Please come to “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” to enjoy the real Japanese culture !

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris

Date: 20th (Fri) – 22th (Sun), September 2013
Place: Parc Floral De Paris
Official Web Site:

What’s Tokyo Crazy Kawaii ?


The word of “Kawaii” contains various meanings of NIPPON cultures, like generous attitudes to others and generosity that accept different fashion styles.
The mission of “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii” is to deliver and carry on the beauty of Japanese language and NIPPON’s creativity to the world and to have local people accept “Kawaii Culture” as a part of their life style, not a one-time trend.

As the very first event location, Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Committee has chosen Paris, France. France is a country that has the most visitors in the world, and the people in France have the highest standard in Fashion and beauty. They like Tatami and Bonsai even though they may not be familiar with NIPPON’s anime and manga. Tokyo Crazy Kawaii is the event to experience”real” Japan and to send out the outcome to the world. This is the purpose of Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris.

The characteristic of the event is that the area would look just like “Tokyo”. Not only the people who’ve been to Japan, but also those who never been there would feel as if they were in Tokyo. The main genre is “Fashion”, “Music”, “Gourmet”, “Anime and Game”, “Character (Zakka)”. The contents from these five different genre are separated into six areas, “SHIBUYA”, “HARAJUKU”, “SHINJUKU”, “AKIHABARA”, “TSUKIJI” and “NIPPON”, so the interaction across the genre will be encouraged.

The exhibitors will be able to have a booth to introduce your service and merchandise, and also the event committee will support your business matching to expand your business between Japan and France.

Official Web Site:

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