Tokyo Models Feature #001 / Konno Yuri

Tokyo Models Feature #001 / Konno Yuri

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Tokyo Girls Update, to bring the charm of Japan through the female pop culture to all over the world, will also introduce attractive Akamoji-kei models.
Aomoji-kei is a fashion subculture that is influenced by the trends in Harajuku, it’s a casual yet girl fashion. On the other hand, Akamoji-kei is a conservative and elegant style following the trends.

Today, we focus on up-and-coming model Konno Yuri. After the exclusive model activity of Japanese popular fashion magazines such as “SEVENTEEN” and “Ray”, she is now playing an active part in a broad range of fields.
She’s currently selected as a model for the Chinese edition of “Oggi” and “Biteki”, moreover, for Thailand version of “Ray”. She has also DJ skill. Recently, she performed as a DJ at THAILAND BEACH PARTY 2013 took place in Thailand.

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Well, she will be participating in TOKYO RUNWAY 2013 A/W, which is one of the best “real clothes fashion show” in Asia.
There will be “Asia Stage” in which Japanese model who is active in Asia will appear. She will make appearance in it.
The show will be held on September 14th(JST). We’ll report the excitement from the venue, so stay tuned!

More information can be found at:

TOKYO RUNWAY official website (English)

Konno Yuri’s official facebook

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