Don’t Underestimate The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY! MV for “Pelo” Released!
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The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY serve up a sweet and spicy warning in the MV for their 2nd major label single “Pelo” (release date: April 12)!

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“Pelo”, which is a romanization of the Japanese “pero” onomatopoeia meaning “lick” or “slurp” opens with Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya marching through the streets at night with lollipops in hand and revealing how they’re not as sweet as they may look. There’s another pun in the lyrics as “nameru” means “to lick” as well as “underestimate”, making for some double-edged imagery as the duo also fire beams from their fingers, leaving colorful plumes of smoke in their wake. Also significant is the line “I’m sick of hearing your talk of the good old days” as regardless of what LADYBABY was, this is The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY and the path that they have set before them moving forward. If constant change is frightening, then Japanese idols may be the wrong thing to be a fan of?

“Easter Bunny” will be released in a CD/DVD limited edition and a regular version. The CD/DVD version includes Pelo’s MV and documentary videos from their Tou-Mei-Han (Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka) tour in February and March 2017.

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