Team Syachihoko Accomplished Their First Performance At Taiwan! Next Taiwan Live Coming Up This August!

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Team Syachihoko Accomplished Their First Performance At Taiwan! Next Taiwan Live Coming Up This August!

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Team Syachihoko, who has entered their 5th year since their debut, has successfully held their free live at Taiwan Syntrend 三創生活 5F CLAPPER STUDIO on June 25! They are on their way to increasing global fans towards their live “Syachi Summer 2016 Manatsu no POWER BALL” at Nippon Budoukan on August 31.


As soon as Team Syachihoko arrived to Taiwan for the first time on the day before their live, they held a press conference towards the Taiwan media and showed their enthusiasm towards their live. On June 25, the venue was filled with Taiwan fans and supporters who came from Japan!

When they showed up on stage, Taiwan and Japanese fans burst into excited cheers and Haruna Sakamoto who was only able to stay for the first part of the live due to her studies livened up the venue.


As Chiyuri Ito greeted “Konnichiyu” “Ni-hao” to the audience and introduced herself in Chinese, members commented that she sounds more fluent in Chinese than in Japanese. After they finished their performance, the encore call immediately began and came up on stage talking about the delicious Chinese dumpling they ate the day before. Honoka Akimoto commented, “Taiwan is a wonderful place, the people are all happy and I love Taiwan” “I couldn’t go to the foot massage last night, so I want to try it today”.


The members explained that the theme of the concert was to “sing and dance together with the fans”, and taught the choreography to the audience. They performed their standard numbers “Dakishimete Anthem” and Triple Seven”, and finished the live with “ULTRA Chou MUSIC SUPER VERY POWER BALL” that is scheduled to be released on August 3. The fans showed an extreme head banging as the music started, and it was unbelievable to think that it was a live of an idol! They announced that they will arrive to Taiwan again on August 11, for Taiwan Comic Exhibition 2016.


Team Syachihoko has just started their hot summer, so keep an eye on their actions towards the live at Nippon Budoukan on August 31!


Team Syachihoko Free Live in Taiwan

June 25 (Saturday) First part 11:30 Open 12:00 Start
Second part 15:45 Open 16:15 Start
Venue:三創生活(Syntrend)5F CLAPPER STUDIO

First Part Setlist
1.      Koibito Wa Sniper
2.      The Stardust Bowling
3.      Wow!Oh!Oh!
4.      Colors
5.      Dakishimete Anthem
6.      Soko Soko Premium

Second Part Setlist
1.      Enjoy Jinsei
2.      Pizza Desu!
3.      Cherie!
4.      OEOEO
5.      Otome Juken Sensou
6.      Triple Seven

Live Information
①May 21 and 22, 2016 “Koi Nobori” Venue: Makuhari Messe
② August 31, 2016 “Syachi Summer 2016 Manatsu No POWER BALL” Venue: Nippon Budoukan
③November 13, 2016 Venue: Yokohama Arena
④March 21, 2017 Venue: Nippon Gaishi Hall

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