It Was Worth the Wait! Team Syachihoko Returns to Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

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It Was Worth the Wait! Team Syachihoko Returns to Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

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TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016, the largest idol festival in the world, has added a new performer…”Team Syachihoko”! Team Syachihoko is an idol group from Nagoya, and it is the first time in four years for them to attend Tokyo Idol Festival!

Team Syachihoko is scheduled to perform on August 6th. The detailed time table will be TBA.


The leader of the group Honoka Akimoto commented for the participation;
“Our attendance for TIF is confirmed! I feel so nostalgic when I think of four years ago that we went there with Koinobori uniforms. Wasn’t it our first concert in Tokyo after we made debut?! We are in the 5th year and will go back to the starting point and fly higher!! We will make our performances the most exciting one among the all other idols!”

More big names will be added to Tokyo Idol Festival 2016? Let’s wait and see!

Final application for TIF2016 Ticket Present for overseas fans

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