Team Syachihoko Turn Up the Volume and Emotion in the MV for “START”!
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Team Syachihoko team up with rock band BLUE ENCOUNT and 300 of their fans for the straightforward and emotional MV for “START” from their 2nd album “Owari to Hajimari” (release date: February 22)!

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A sharp contrast to their previous MVs, “START” is simple and stripped down, the camera circling the members as they sing with determined looks on their faces. Midway through, Team Syachihoko appears in the middle of an arc made by 300 of their fans. Scenes of them shedding tears adds to the emotional tone of the song. “START” is now available on iTunes and Rekochoku.

“Owari to Hajimari” will be released in 2 limited editions and a regular version. Type-A includes a Blu-ray with a documentary titled “Road to Kasadera ~4-nenkan no Kiseki (tracks) to 5-nen me no Kiseki (miracle)~”. Type-B includes a bonus CD. Fans who buy the first press editions will receive a ticket to participate in a series of handshake and or 2-shot events that Team Syachihoko will be doing in March. Handshakte event tickets will be enclosed in the regular version and 2-shots will be available to those who purchase both limited editions. B2-sized posters will be included with any purchases at music stores across Japan. Their Blu-ray/DVD for “colors at Yokohama Arena” will be released on March 29th, days after their tour finale at Nippon Gaishi Hall on March 21st.

Track List

Disc 1
01 Professional Shishunki
03 Kanzen ManzokuNGY
04 Shampoo Hat (Owari to Hajimari ver.)
05 Road Movie
06 Chérie!
07 Tensai Bakabon (Owari to Hajimari ver.)
08 Kissy-Men
09 Yume Demo Ii no
10 Watashi no Yuuki
11 Parade wa Yozora wo Kakeru
13 Nakushimono

Disc 2 (Limited Type-B)

01 Ottori Girl no Yuutsuu
02 Baby Miso Katsu
03 La・La・La・Idol
04 Naite Nanka Nai yo
05 Chiisana Yoru no Uta
06 Tsubasa wo Sazukete Gloria
07 Radio ni Onegai
08 Himitsu no Serenade

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