Team Syachihoko and Shimajiro Give Tips to Enjoy Summer in the MV for “Jirijiri Natsu-Katsu Iin-Kai”!

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Team Syachihoko and Shimajiro Give Tips to Enjoy Summer in the MV for “Jirijiri Natsu-Katsu Iin-Kai”!

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Team Syachihoko has unveiled the blazing hot MV for “Jirijiri Natsu-Katsu Iin-Kai”, their collaboration song with beloved children’s anime character Shimajiro!

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The MV for “Jirijiri Natsu-Katsu Iin-Kai” (director: Eri Asahi)was filmed at a closed-down school in Tokyo and is full of Team Syachihoko showing off many of the great things associated with summer in Japan: shaved ice (kakigoori), mosquito coils (katori senkou), watermelon (suika), and the pool. Of course because this is a collaboration song with Shimajiro, the scenes where he appears are almost too cute for words! According to staff members, he got along so well with Team Syachihoko during the day of filming and working out the choreography that they started calling him “Shimajiro-Oniisan”!


“Jirijiri Natsu-Katsu Iin-Kai” was created by Takashi Asano, who had previously written “Dakishimete Anthem” and “Otome Juken Sensou”, so it has the chaotic fun sound that has come to be expected of Team Syachihoko. There are also some Japanese onomatopoeia that can be useful in the summer. “Jirijiri” refers to the feeling of the sun beating down. “Achiachi” is something people say to convey how hot it is; a casual form of atsui (hot). “Minmin” is the sound that cicaida make, as demonstrated by the way Honoka Akimoto is clinging to the tree while making the sound.


The only bad thing about “Jirijiri Natsu-Katsu Iin-Kai” is that there has not yet been an announcement for when it will be released as a CD or on iTunes! At the very least, it’s on song would be featured on Shimajiro’s YouTube channel and will be broadcast on “Shimajiro no Wow!” from July, 2015.

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