It looks a bit too sweet? New Unit “Team Syachichoco”!?!? Challenges Handmade Chocolate

It looks a bit too sweet? New Unit “Team Syachichoco”!?!? Challenges Handmade Chocolate

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Nagoya based idol group Team Syachihoko formed a limited time unit “Team Syachichoco“. A video the members try to make a handmade chocolate was released at a special website.

The whole things are linked to Valentine’s campaign of a candy manufacturer LOTTE.
By the way, the Japanese Valentine’s day has been becoming something that women give chocolate to people they love, or appreciate since roughly ‘1970.

In place of the youngest member Haruna Sakamoto, who is on a temporary break due to a high school entrance exam, a historic first chocolate idol “Haruna Sakachoco” has joined to the group.
Team Syachichoco will create a handmade chocolate of their own as “Valentine Idol”. In order to convey the pleasure to give the chocolate, they will deploy various activities in the future.

The footage of “Handmade chocolate” that is released at the special site is the first step of the activities. Also, as a Valentine gift from the members, it is now available to enjoy the audio source of their new song “Daisuki!” which was premiered in the solo live “Ai no chikyu matsuri 2013” in the special site.

Moreover, the site is going to have the video “how to hand a chocolate” which Team Syachichoco appear as the second step. It is also scheduled to hold a fan event by Team Syachichoco. Syachihoco fans, Have fun and stay tuned!

Campaign Trailer

Handmade chocolate Footage

Photo Gallery

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Team Syachichoko special website :

written by Yuji Hara

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